The Battle of Castle Hill or the Battle of Founding is the name by which people know the great battle which took place where Neuberg stands today on Castle Hill. It was at this Battle that the mighty Skarlos, leader of the northern tribes of Loth, faced down the forces of Xakhaz and defeated them over three hundred years ago. The battle was fought before the Keep at Neuberg was built and therefore before there even was a Neuberg. The Southerners were defeated and fled. Legends say that their unnatural allies were swallowed up by the ground on which they stood as did the spear shaft of the Trident of Skarlos. It was at this Battle that Vlax was killed by Skarlos himself. Three residents of Neuberg are still alive who remember that Battle, Huw the Priest of Oiden, Vernic the Dwarf and the reclusive Goblin merchant.

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