Lives on the Line

Dawn: This must be the gear.

Aporia: And you're right.

Max: Huh?


Max: Wait, you're...

Misty: Aporia?

Dawn: But you crashed.

Aporia: You're standing on the gear as of now. It will not stop moving as long as I'm here. I won't let you keep the present how it is now.

Misty: And how do?...


Misty: What's this?!

Max: Its stuck!

Misty: This is... AAAAHHHH!!!!!!!! What was that?!

Max: It hurts!

Dawn: My heart!

Aporia: Don't even think of trying to escape else your hearts will further get pierced. And if you want to stop this gear and save yourselves, you must defeat me in a 3 on 1 battle! Even though its that, I will only have 5 Pokémon whilst altogether you start with 3 times the original 6, 18. Also none of us can use protection moves on our very first turn.

Misty: Fine by me.

Max: Bring it on!

Dawn: Lets get this started.

All: Battle!

Fortissimo the Moving Fortress

Aporia: I believe this battle will call for some change of scenery. Come forth, Fortissimo the Moving Fortress!


(Fusion Sequence)

Max: He fused with it!

Aporia: With this, I've become part of the battle schematics itself.

Dawn: Huh?

Aporia: Your lives themselves have become linked to your Pokémon in this battle. When all of your Pokémon go down, so do you permantly.

Max: But that means...

Misty: We'll die?!

Aporia: I don't have a choice but to do this. I can't change the battle conditions from here on out. Therefore if you win, the devices on your chests will deactivate and the second gear will stop. Your emotions in this battle are completely useless. In other words to win, lose or survive, we must abandon our wasteful hearts which will continousally get pierced by the damage we take that fight machines.

Misty: Wasteful hearts?



Z-one: You're giving up on humanity and Pokémon?

Aporia: Yeah.

Z-one: But you need despair more than ever. To revive you, I created 3 embodiements of despair Lester, Primo and Jakob for your revival.

Aporia: I don't need despair anymore. After losing to Ash Ketchum in the WRGP finals, I lost my feel for despair. That was what saved me. But after that, despair began to surface and I knew trouble was brewing.

Z-one: Aporia.

Aporia: I don't need despair nor hope. I am just a machine copy. A machine that serves only to protect you. For the sake of the future.


Aporia: That's right. For the sake of the future, I won't let you guys through! Your lives will end here and now!

New Team

Aporia: Lucky for you since its 3 on 1, I can't attack on my first turn whilst I can bring out 3 Pokémon but I'll start slow and steady with 2. Rise, Wisel Ein!

Dawn: That's...

Max: A new Pokémon?

Aporia: Go Skiel Ein! Your move now.

Misty: Aporia has definitely been busy after his repairs.

Max: Here I go!

Misty: Max.

Max: Go Mightyena!

Aporia: Wisel Ein, use Level Cannon. When you bring out a non Steel Pokémon, it gets slammed with 500 points of damage times its level.



Misty and Dawn: Max!

Max: Uhhhhh.

Dawn: Was that impact also on Max?

Aporia: Its just like I said. All damage a Pokémon would take, you take as well. The devices from earlier will keep inflicting piercing damge to your hearts. If you don't want that to happen, surrender and become one with it or come at me with full force!

Misty: This is madness! Let Max go! He isn't old enough to suffer this kind of pain! Didn't you hear me?!

Max: I'm okay. Its only a bit of damage.

(Note: The following section is section 6)

The Feeling of Despair

Aporia: Now that Misty's Gyarados has hook, line and sunk, go Grannel Ein! Since Grannel Ein is also a Ground type, it takes damage from Wisel Ein's move Level Cannon.


Misty: What?! Shouldn't you feel pain as well?

Aporia: I've already cast off my heart. Wisel Ein, use Ghoul Kick-up!


Misty: Gyarados, come on back. AAGH!


Max: Misty!

Aporia: Skiel Ein, use Twin Pulse on Mamoswine!


Aporia: And finally Grannel Ein, finish off Mamoswine.

Max: Leave Dawn alone!

Aporia: Gravity Blaster!


Dawn: Mamoswine, return. Agh!

Max: Dawn! Misty! No way. Why did this happen? What would May think of me now?

Aporia: Now Fortissimo gains another condition, Lock-On Laser. When a non Steel Pokémon is affected by an item, it takes 200 damage. This is as far as you will go. You will be eliminated or perhaps those 2 have already met their fate. The bond shared between humans and Pokémon and their hearts, all the wishes you've wanted are just a pain. How ridiculous. Its the bonds and your hearts that will lead to your future's destruction.

Max: May, Ash, I'm sorry.

Aporia: Boy, this is despair. I end at this.

To be continued...

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