Battle of Despair Part 2

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Taking a Stand

Aporia: At this turn's end, Power Gravity wears off meaning Wisel Ein's strength returns to normal.

The Final Emperor

Aporia: When I have 3 or more Steel Pokemon fully charged up, I can bring out their emperor dragon Asterisk ignoring the battle conditions.

Misty: That is...

Aporia: When Asterisk is called out, its strength is equal to the power of all Steel Pokemon that are out.

Max: What can we do against a Pokemon with the strength of a Dragon as well as his Imperials?

Aporia: Now then, since Asterisk is a Dragon Pokemon, Wisel Ein would slam it with 1000 damage, but due to Skiel Ein, Asterisk is unaffected from 1000 or more damage. Also you can't attack a Steel or Dragon Pokemon except him and when you bring out a Pokemon with Level 50 or above that is not Steel, it gets slammed with Nemisis Tornado for 1000 damage.

Max: 1000 damage?

Dawn: Its just like non Normal types being useless.

Misty: This is truely the ultimate Machine Emperor.

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