Aporia: What is good with Pokémon?! They've caused all my pain and suffering. Asterisk, use Nemisis Tornado and Skiel Ein, Level Cannon!

Max: Grovyle, use Hyper Scream!

(Hyper Scream)

Aporia: What?!

Misty: That is one powerful move.

Dawn: Max, that is too cool.

Max: Now use Solar Beam!

Aporia: Asterisk's second ability activates! By completly reducing the battle strength of one Steel Pokémon I have out, Asterisk's damage total is halved. Therefore Skiel Ein takes the hit!

Max: But Asterisk still takes a hit and a big one too.


Misty: Has the pain in your heart started coming along?

Aporia: I have already cast off my heart. I've stopped being human! This pain is caused by despair. Now Grass Type moves won't affect Asterisk due to type change.

Dawn: So he is trying to lock down our attacks.

Aporia: Of course. Pokémon and their creator Arceus were responsible for destroying the future. I can feel my despair more than ever!

Max: Grovyle, charge up one huge Hyper Scream!

(Hyper Scream)

Aporia: AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! What is with this?!

Misty: Fortissimo is falling apart.



Dawn: Misty, end this.

Misty: Right. I'll use this Revive to bring Gyarados back to battle. Return Corsola and go Gyarados!

Max: That Hyper Scream has completley made Asterisk unable to move.

Dawn: Piplup, come on out. Use Water Gun!

Misty: And Gyarados, use Aboslute Power Force!

Aporia: I shall no longer suffer despair!! YOU WILL ALL DIE!!!!!! Wisel Ein, Chaos Infinity! First all Pokémon are forced to wage battle and then I can revive 1 Steel Pokémon as well as call out 2 more from my team. Come forth Skiel Ein, Grannel and Machinecle!!!!! With that, Asterisk gains all the attack power from the recalled Pokémon and be cured of all status problems.

Dawn: Its too strong!

Max: Uh oh.

Aporia: Now the three of you will perish in the very halls. Go, Twin Pulse, Ghoul Kick Up, Gravity Blast, Infinity Nemisis Stream and the Cube of Despair! Watch as these attacks overwhelm you all! This world will no longer have despair! You will beg for mercy and beg to go forward from Z-One!!!!

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