Battle of Fort Xu
Conflict Invasion of Whu
Place Fort Xu
Result Whu Victory
Jin Dynasty Later Whu Dynasty

Wen Hui

Lu Shu


2,000 Men

4,000+ Men

All Minimal

The Battle of Fort Xu was a minor battle during the Jin Inavasion of Whu.

During the offensive, Jin Strategist, Li En, constructed a supply line of forts, stretching back to the city Ling Ton. Fort Xu was the largest fort, sitting at the sumit of Mt.Tan. Li assigned General Wen Hui to guard the fort.

Whu Strategist, Lu Shu made plans to attack the fort. If the fort fell, the supply line would collapse, giving Whu an opening to counter-attack. Lu Shu set off with 4,000 men to take the fort.

Lu disguised a portion of his troops, as Jin soldiers and infiltrated them inside the fort. They then opened the fort's gates and the Whu force rushed in a midnight putting the garrison to slaughter.

The defeat made the invasion last even longer, and was one of the contributing factors of Emperor Guo Rui's succumbing to illness.

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