Causes of the War

The battle of Hypori took place between the major Dark factions, fighting over dominance. Up to this point, no faction had won a resounding victory and most of the factions were fairly evenly matched with each other (with the single exception of the Dark Order which had already collapsed politically).

Factions Involved

The battle was a feud between all of the Sith factions.

The Remnant was the main force attacking Hypori, fighting to wipe out the planet from the other Combined Army presences, destroy the Sith Empire's droid factories, and seize hold of the planet. The main leaders of the Remnant during the attack included General Edvard Leigh Kravett, Captain Mariemaia Celine Strithicus, Captain Yankura, and various others not listed.
The Order was one of the forces defending the planet from the Imperial Remnant, and were also against the Empire to try and thwart both their plans. The Order included Seth Caladan, Tadzen Soy, and various others. This specific force was under the command of Dark Order warlord Darth Venteha. Vicrone Drakon was also involved, though unsure about his place, later joining the Legion.
The Empire was the main defensive power during the battle. They were made up of elements of the Dark Order (specifically Warlord Hiel) and the Sith Empire, and controlled the planet of Hypori where the battle took place. Hypori was actually the capital of the Sith Empire. The key player in the Empire involved was Darth Aurin, who was also the leader of the Empire. There were various others, including the Dark Order members listed.
The Legion played a large part in the battle, and were basically against everyone. The Legion was made up of Grand Marshall Rage, Jzora, Culwyn Graves, Jaimy Hawkins, and near the end, Vicrone Drakon. They were one of the two last factions to leave the planet, the other being the Remnant.
The CSA weren't very much involved in the battle, and stuck to mostly Space and the battle raging there. The CSA did not include many people. Jacen was said to be apart of them, though these reports are somewhat dubious.
The Har'Maggeddon was a moderate threat in the battle. Their leader was the space pirate "king," A'Clypse. He brought a number of powerful droids to try and destroy Darth Aurin, and the Sith Empire. He had been personally hired by General Kravett earlier.

Summary of the Battle

Beginning of the Battle

The battle started off with the Har'Maggedon space pirates attacking the droid factories on the surface. Elements of the Imperial Remant Navy, under Mariemaia Strith's command, were also there (though secretly) and kept the fight going. Vengeance Wing, commanded by Yankura, also of the Remnant, arrived. Sith Imperial forces began pounding the Remnant's Navy, though the Harmies' attack had caught them by surprise.

Other factions soon began arriving: the CSA; the Dark Legion; the Sith Empire's ally in the Dark Order, Warlord Hiel; the independent D.O. warlord Venteha; and, according to rumors, a few Sar'ki ships. All factions were fairly evenly matched, though Venteha had a smaller fleet than the others and the Remnant Navy was heavily outnumbered.

Kravett's Arrival

Duel on the Surface and Destruction of the Factories

Conclusion of Fighting


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