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Battle of The Band is a Super Smash Bros episode.


  • Fox, Roy and Lucas are pitted against The Steamettes in a band battle. Will they ever beat them by playing several Kirby songs?


  • Fox
  • Roy
  • Lucas
  • Aya
  • Satsuki
  • Charmaine



Part 1

  • (We see Fox, Roy and Lucas at Jungle Japes)
  • Fox: We're going to have a band concert here at Smashville.
  • Roy: K.K. Slider is moving to a new town.
  • Lucas: I wonder where he's moving?
  • Aya: Hi, guys.
  • Fox: My worst enemies!
  • Aya: I see that you're going to perform at Smashville.
  • Satsuki: Well we have a lot of instruments.
  • Charmaine: Aya got a trombone, Satsuki a trumpet and me a french horn.
  • Fox: Well i got an electric guitar, Roy got an electric piano and Lucas got an electric drum.
  • Roy: We're going to see who's the better players.
  • Lucas: Yeah!
  • Aya: Well were the steamettes and we play wind instruments.
  • Fox: Bring it on.
  • (We cut to Fox, Roy, Lucas and The Steamettes at Smashville)
  • Fox: We're going to play The Arena. Are you ready?
  • Roy and Lucas: Yeah!
  • Aya: Are you ready, girls?
  • Satsuki and Charmaine: Yeah!
  • Fox: One, two, three, four.
  • (Fox, Roy and Lucas play The Arena while The Steamettes do the same)
  • Fox:

Part 2

Part 3

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