Battle of Ton Fuul Forest
Conflict Invasion of Whu
Place Ton Fuul Forest
Result Jin Victory
Jin Dynasty Later Whu Dynasty

Du Yuo, Zong Ren

Lu Shu


10,000 Men

~3,000 Men

Moderate Heavy

The Battle of Ton Fuul Forest was a major battle in the Invasion of Whu.

If the Jin Army captured Ton Fuul Forest, they would be very close to the Whu capital of Jiang De. Whu general Lu Shu devised an ambush in the forest, hoping to rout the Jin army.

Shu hid his forces in the forest, lining the pathways. On his signal they attacks, unleashing arrows and charging. The Jin army recoiled, but General's Du Yuo and Zong Ren managed to launch a counter-attack, killing Lu Shu. With their leader dead, the Whu army tried to rally, but the Jin army seized the momenteum, chasing the Whu forces from the forest.

With Lu Shu dead, Suhn Shan himself took command of the Whu Army

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