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Previous battle
  • none, begining of Conflict
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Conflict second great war
Date 2190
Place Filos
Result Coalition/Vorlon Victory

vorlon empire

Galactic Coalition

Irken empire



  • Admiral Ludo Kressh

tauren fleet officers

Helina fleet officers

unknown vorlon commander

Psyker Fel, Admiral Kul (Felucia)

  • 1 command ship
  • 2 Phalanx-class assault carriers
  • 3 vorlon Star Dreadnoughts
  • 5 vorlon Heavy cruisers
  • 15 Chronos frigates
  • 5 Fet'tel crusiers
  • 10 Dreadlord frigates
  • 8 venator destroyers
  • 4 Keldon crovettes
  • 3 CCS-Class Battle Cruisers
  • 4 D-P battle ships
  • 5 Destroyer battle ship
  • 1000 T2-Xeno Drones
  • 10,000 T2-Xeno Warriers
  • a number of Helina carriers
  • thousands of fighters
  • Irken Armada
  • reaver fleet- Hundreds of Crude ships from the Old Reaver fleets.
  • 40 Scythe Harvest ships
  • 10 Cairn Tomb ships
  • 25 Shroud Light Cruisers
  • number of raiders
  • thousands of fighters
  • most of the defence fleet
  • forced enemy retreat

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