Battle of the Blockade
Date Unknown
Place Corneria Orbit
ResultCornerian Victory
Cornerian Star Fleet Imperial Grallian Fleet
Therald Pepper, Fox McCloud Medrion
Location, Ship Quality Numbers, surprise
Smaller Ships Proximity to Corneria
Participating Ships
Alheon, Roya, Great Fox, Hound Unidentified
Therald Pepper Medrion

The Battle of the Blockade was a hard-won engagement that took place in orbit around Corneria. The Grallian Fleet dropped off fighters to decoy the Star Fox team far from home, then proceeded at high warp to Corneria, attacking the planet with a barrage of lasers and missiles. The planetary defense shield foiled this initial attack, though it is worth noting that the planetary shields could have been collapsed under the barrage had more time elapsed. The entry of the Cornerian Fleet and Star Fox won the day for the Cornerians, but at heavy losses.


Contact was made by the Star Fox team far from Corneria, and after a brief fighter battle in which the Cat's Paw was damaged and Krystal retired, the three groups present, Star Fox, Star Wolf, and the Streak Birds, celebrated until notified that a large attack had been mounted on Corneria.

Krystal's Retiring

It is worth noting that Krystal retired from the fight after her telepathic connection with dying pilots caused her emotional stress and she was almost shot down.


Grallian ships in orbit about Corneria prevented Star Fox's mothership, the Great Fox, from entering the atmosphere. The four Arwing fighters of Star Fox cut through the atmosphere and made a run for Grant 3 to help in the battle. Slippy saved an unidentified Arwing IV, which turned out to be piloted by James McCloud. Therald Pepper was killed in the battleship C.S.S. Royal following critical plate damage, having evacuated his crew and remote-controlling the ship to its destruction.


No significant gains made on either side. Grallian tactical withdrawl.

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