Timeline of events

The Battle of the Old forest Road
Conflict War against Taur Ungol
Date 20 FA
Place The Old Forest Road, Eryn Lasgalen
Result Elves of Eryn Lasgalen victorius
Taur Ungol Elves of Eryn Lasgalen

Dwarves of the Iron Hills

Dararoth Thranduil

Durin VII


~5,000 Orcs, Wargs, Giant Bats, Spiders

~700 Wood Elves ~200 Dwarfs

Heavy Heavy

The Battle of the Old Forest Road was the penultimate battle in the war against Taur Ungol.

The battle came about when the Castellan began his invasion of northern Eryn Lasgalen, where he hoped to defeat Thranduil once and for all. He ammassed a great army of the forest's foulest creatures and sent them north. He also enlisted the help of the great dragon Dararoth, after enticing it with one of the Nine Rings of power. However, as the army began to march, the Castellan departed from its ranks, as his grip on existence began to seriously falter.

Thranduil in the north, had long since known of the offensive, through his many scouts in the forest. He prepared his significantly smaller army across the Old Forest Road, hoping to destroy the foul muster of Taur Ungol when they wer ein the open. However, Thranduil also sent word north, to the Iron Hills, which would surely be the Castellan's next target if the elves failed. Kind Durin the seventh of the Dwarves, eager to see the stench of evil removed once and for all, took a portion of his army to aid the elves, deploying along the road with their companions.

In 20 FA, the muster of Taur Ungol eventually reached the Old Forest Road. They began to move into the open and then the alliance began their attack. Volleys of deadly arrows screamed through the treeline into the Orcs and felled many. Then, the Dwarves and Elf soldiers attacked, charging the dissarayed Orcs. However, the other creatures of the forest, tainted by the Castellan, arose to do battle, and a horde of spiders, bats, wargs and other foul creatures washed over the alliance forces.

Eventually, despite the overwhelming numbers, the elves and dwarves began to gain the upper hand, slaughtering the beasts. However, as the battle looked to end, the great dragon Dararoth swept down from the skies and crashed into the alliance lines. It killed hundreds of elves and dwarves alike in a rampage. However, Thranduil and Durin were quick to intervene. The great Dwarf lord, clad in resplendent armour and carrying his mighty axe, charged the beast, tearing a great gash in its belly. However, the dragon swept its claws around and hit the dwarf full on, sending him flying to the ground. Thranduil, taking advantage of its distraction, rushed forward and plunged his oaken staff into its wound, and speaking ancient magics, ignited its tip, causing the beast to explode.

With the death of Dararoth, the remaining forces of Taur Ungol retreated, falling back in dissarray.

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