Timeline of events

The Battle of the Spider's Lair
Conflict War against Taur Ungol
Date 19 FA
Place Eryn Lasgalen
Result Taur Ungol victorius
Taur Ungol Elves of Eryn Lasgalen
The Castellan Thranduil

Orcs, Giant Spiders, Giant Bats, Wargs

100 Wood Elves

Heavy Heavy

The Battle of the Spider's Lair was orginally an expedition made by The Castellan to secure an alliance with the spawn of the once great Giant Spiders of Mirkwood. However, Thranduil, keen to extinguish the remains of the foul race, took a contingent of elves to destroy the lair.

The Castellan and his task force quickly moved to the lair in the woods surrounding Taur Ungol and began negotiations with the creatures. Thranduil, who had coincedentally planned his raid at the same time, launched his attack during this time.

A hundred elf warriors descended on the smaller Orc force, easily gaining the upper hand. However, the Castellan had finished his negotiations, and the spiders attacked out of their lair, engulfing the small elven party. The Castellan, utilising forbidden magics, possibly gleaned from the remaining scrolls he gathered from Dol Guldur, summoned the corrupted creatures from the forests, and a foul host of bats, spiders and wargs came to their aid.

The elves continued to fight, but they were soon overwhelmed and Thranduil decided to cut his losses and retreat.

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