Fighting a normal NPC (non player character) it is simple and easy to get used to. There should be no confusion about it. To avoid confusion I will try and put it in the easiest possible way I can think of. You and the NPC both have HP and you also have strength. The strenght and Hp depends on which NPC you are fighting. I shall demonstrate a fight between a level 1 PC and a Shadow Heartless. Shadow Heartless - 10HP 2 Str. Level 1 PC - 24HP 2 Str

You have to start the fight with you attacking the NPC in this case the shadow heartless. NPCS don't attack you, you have to attack them. (although you can make them attack you by saying 'a heartless runs at me' but thats up to you.)

(your name) flips into the air and rams a sword down through the shadow heartless head. 10-2=8 (A Level 1 PC hits 2, and the shadow's health is 10, 10-2=8) (you now need to state the heartless hitting you back in the exact same post.) The shadow heartless pulls itself up off the floor and claws down my face rapidly. 24-2=22 (A level 1 PC's health is 24, a heartless hits 2. 24-2=22)

Ok, I would be suprised if you do not understand that. Anyway you must insert the sum (blah-blah=) after you have attacked your oppenent. The enemy strikes you back each time you post, you can't say it hits a weaker/stronger shot on you it is not allowed.You MUST show the heartless hitting you back and the sum of what it is hitting.

PVP - Player Vs Player. Fighting another player is turn-based combat. Meaning you both take it in turns to attack each other. You can only attack someone if they have actually stated they are in the same location as you at the time. E.G (insert name) enters through the large brown gates of the colliseum. He gazes up and looks around at the cheering of the croud. < he has now stated he is there. Anyone may now attack him. You can't leave in a battle, once you have hit them back. (once they hit you, you have the chance to run, if you strike back you can't run.) To exit the world/topic you must say somthing along these lines. (insert name) walks to the doors and sees his gummi ship, he strolls onto the gummi ship with a smirk, while looking back at the oppenent and saying "We will meet again, one day" he then warps to another world [Exit] Now you can't attack him at all. Note that you must also state that you are there before you can attack someone else.

Killing Multiple Heartlesses - You Must Add The Healths Up Such As Attacking 10 Shadows Would Be: 100 (10 Shadows Added Together)-232 (Level 63's Attack) = Dead Pretty Simple Really. You Can Only Do This If The Attack Kills All The Opponents.

Attacking someone who has cast a protective spell on himself: I'll use the example between Xecevien, Ferion and Stray.

Ferion has took Xecevien's Areoga shield down to 18HP. Xecevien at that time had 2450HP. Ferion attacks Xecevien with a strength of 241, which 18 of it draines what was left of Xecevien's shield, and the remaining 223 affects Xecevien's HP. After that attack, Xecevien has 2227HP.

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