Batty Bat

member: no long time player: yes Age: 14 quests done: all non-members max hit: 12 other accounts: hotground Has played runescape classic: yes Buddys: Ska45x, Timfyo, Emania, and emo chick225 siblings: 4 wikia editor: not yet knowledge of runescape: average favorite skill: mining least favorite skill: prayer highest skill: mining (68) lowest skill: range (with the exception of member stats) skill opinions: prayer takes way too long with not enough benifits skill pet peeves: any skill that takes longer than 30 minutes to get a level up player kills: none been player killed: yes pure: no melee: yes ranger: no Mage: no etc opinions: anybody who doesn't know what a noob is, is a noob.


Combat: 61 Attack: 50 Strenght: 52 Defense: 50 Range: 1 Prayer: 32 Mage: 9 Runecrafting: 22 Construction: 1 Hitpoints: 49 Agility: 1 Herblore: 1 Thieving: 1 Crafting: 49 Fletching: 1 Slayer: 1 Hunter: 1 Mining: 68 Smithing: 29 Fishing: 57 Cooking: 61 Firemaking: 47 Wood cutting: 51 Farming: 1

                                             Recent Achievements

I have reached my 100'th friend on April 7,2007. Emo Chick255 was the 100'th friend i've had since the great clan massacre (See clans for more details) of 2005. Also on the same day, I managed to get a level up on crafting, raising me to 49. Just 2 weeks ago when getting my prayer up, I had gotten a grave digging random event which gave me my very first zombie hat. Which adds to my collect of hats (chicken head,frog head,etc.). Last of all on the same day I made a wikia account and formed this article.

                                            Big News

My classmate/bud evan (aka ska45x) died during burrows run. He claims that while in the tunnel his prayer got sapped from 20 to 0 in 3 seconds but honestly I think he got owned. Also As I wrote in recent achievements, I just recently got my 100'th friend on runescape. Emo chick225 (a player with level 5 combat). I have not had this many friends on runescape since when I formed my clan, which lasted about 2 years until finally caving in. Besides that April 7,2007 was an everday day.

                                             Comments and Advice

For all those who are wondering, yes im am a noob compared to most people on runescape. I don't play nearly as much as most of my friends (for example, Timfyo plays 24/7 and at school all he talks about is runescape). Bret,Tim,and Evan all play runescape a tiny,ittybitty, TOO MUCH! Anyways back to the point, I only play twice a month, and during summer 5 times a month. Most of the time I spend on it I just spend with my buds and help out nooobs.

Wells thats about it. If anybody sees a mistake in my spelling,or statistic just message me at This will be updated and made better soon...I promise!

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