Baxter and Gunther are born on December 13, 1995.


Mr. Hercules: Okay, class. Today we'll go on a field trip to Dutch Wonderland. Let's head for the bus. (pause) Wait a sec! Why are you pregnant, young lady?

Wilma: Because I have twins. Ouch...

(three days later...)

Wilma: Owowowowowow...

Stevie: What's wrong, Wilma? Are you okay?!

Wilma: Well, no! I'm just pregnant.

Stevie: Uh-oh. Let's go to the hospital.

(at hospital...)

Doctor: The doctor is here. My name is Dr. Grizzly.

Stevie: Eh, doctor... Is Wilma okay then?!

Doctor: Yes, Stevie. She's going to push. Push, push.

Stevie: Oh, no, no, no, no, no! (runs off)

Wilma: Ow, my heart's so big. Ahahahahahah...

Doctor: Okay, Wilma. One more push. THAR SHE BLOWS!!! (there is a big explosion, and the twins are out of Wilma's stomach) Congrats, Wilma! They're boys! What shall we name them?

Wilma: Baxter and Gunther.

Stevie: (walks in) I'm back, buttercup.

Wilma: Look at our new baby twins. Their names are Baxter and Gunther.

Stevie: Wow, they look like fans of Memy9909. Baxter wears a red shirt, and Gunther wears a green shirt.

Wilma: Let's go home with our babies, Stevie.

Stevie: Good idea.

(age 1)

(Baxter, Gunther, and their parents watch TV)

(age 2)

Baxter and Gunther: Trick-or-treat!

Man: Okay, you two. Here's some candy.

Baxter and Gunther: Thanks.

(age 6)

Mrs. Carrie: Okay, students. Today we'll use numbers. Baxter and Gunther, what's 22?

Baxter: Four.

Gunther: Zero.

Mrs. Carrie: Oh my god, Baxter and Gunther! That's wrong, wrong, wrong! Now you're both expelled!

(age 11)

(Baxter and Gunther's parents died from a subway crash)

Baxter and Gunther: WAAAAAAHHHHH!!! We hate those killers who killed our parents!

(R.I.P.: Stevie and Wilma (1954 - 2006))

(age 11.5)

(Baxter and Gunther have their foster parents Gilbert and Vexy)

(age 13)

(Baxter and Gunther have a new baby sister named Babs)

(age 17)

(Baxter and Gunther get grounded)

Gilbert: Go to your rooms, Baxter and Gunther! Because you're both grounded forever!


Air Date

July 26, 2013

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