Baz-Mania is an island nation and TV series which focuses on the millionaire president of the island Baz Megabux and his attempt to get the greedy businessman Patrick Hattrick to reconsider his decision to turn the island into a business complex and rename it Patemala (a pun on the Central American country Guatemala).

The title of the island itself puns the Australian island state Tasmania, and the TV series that also puns it (Taz-Mania).


Baz-Mania residents

  • Baxter Washington Trump 'Baz' Megabux is the founder and President of Baz-Mania, and the main character of the series. He was born in New York City and is believed to be an ancestor of the ex-President of the USA Ulysses S. Grant. His mortal enemy is Patrick Hattrick.
  • Patrick Hattrick is a British businessman, owner of the telephone company ChatChat (pun on TalkTalk) and the arch enemy of Baz. He is obsessed with his cell phone and is never seen without it. His goal is to convert Baz-Mania into a business complex and rename it Patemala.
  • The Quacklin Brothers, Lance and Peter are obsessed with motor racing, hence the former's name punning the real-life F1 race driver Lance Macklin. In the opening intro, they back into Patrick Hattrick, sending him flying into orbit, with a different car for every episode. The first features the Ferrari F2002 of Michael Schumacher (2002).
  • Patricia Hattrick is the twin sister of Patrick Hattrick, a very sexy woman who goes around impressing all the men, much to Patrick's displeasure.
  • The Soomoe is an abnormally heavy sumo wrestler who is so huge that not even Baz can lift him out of bed.
  • The Stick Tribe is a group of stick men, led by Utungu, who were created on a scratchpad and brought to life by pixie dust.
  • Hippambulance is a female character, a hippopotamus-ambulance hybrid, hence the name, who became this way after an attempt to clone her went horribly wrong.
  • PC Pontius 'Po' Peterson is the overprotective policeman of Baz-Mania, who arrests anyone for littering, even by accident, and also often arrests Patrick Hattrick for using his cell phone.
  • Chef Franz Zucchini is a Swiss chef who is named after the American version of the courgette. His pet peeve is Mr. Money Bag.
  • Mr. Money Bag is a living sack of money, hence his name, who steals from Chef Zucchini's eatery almost every day.
  • Silvio Gennari is an Italian mafia boss, who panics whenever he sees any little boy cry, due to his belief of the term 'boys don't cry' or in Italian 'ragazzi non piangono'.
  • Judge Maurice Mummert is the local judge of Baz-Mania, who gets quite annoyed when the jury mistakes him for a woman due to his wig.
  • Sergeant Rubella Rossi is a female police officer who is the only one in the Baz-Mania Police Force.
  • Lady Nina Nutt is a posh woman, who lives in Nutt Manor with her husband, Ard Nutt.
  • Ardleigh 'Ard' Nutt is the husband of Lady Nutt. His name puns the term 'hard nutt' meaning to take the mick out of someone who thinks they are tough.

Guest characters by nationality

Characters with a caret (^) are from Hetalia

Flag of the United States American

22px British



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