Woo Bean

This green bean is the most common bean in the game. These beans can be won off of enemies and can be won at the surfing challenge mini-game.

Chuckle Bean

This yellow bean is the second most common bean in the the game. They can be found in bean depressions, also under sprouts on the ground, and won at the surfing challenge mini-game.

Hee Bean

This yellow bean can only be found at lttle fungitown, you can win them through the mini-games at the arcade.

Hoo Bean

This is the rarest bean in the game. It can only be found in special hee bean blocks throughout the game, and won at the surfing challenge mini-game.

Bean Blends

  1. Chuckle Blend
    • Requires: 25 Chuckle beans
    • Effect: +4 Speed
  2. HooHoo Blend
    • Requires: 25 Hoo beans
    • Effect: +4 BP
  3. TeeHee Blend
    • Requires: 25 Hee beans
    • Effect: +4 stache
  4. WooHoo Blend
    • Requires: 25 Woo beans
    • Effect: +4 HP
  5. Chuckocino
    • Requires: 15 Woo beans 10 Chuckle beans
    • Effect: +4 Defense
  6. Hoolumbian
    • Requires:15 Woo beans 10 Hoo beans
    • Effect: +4 Power
  7. TeeHeespresso
    • Requires:15 Woo benas 10 Hee beans
    • Effect: +6 to a random stat

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