Bear's Adventures Of Toy Story Part 1

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Bear's Adventures Series

Andy: [Andy is playing with his toys and mimicing the voices of his toys and holding Mr. Potato Head] All right, everyone! This... is a stick-up. Don't anybody move! Now empty that safe! [Andy empties Hamm the piggy bank and coins fall out] Andy: Ooh, hoo hoo! Money, money, money! [as Bo Peep] Andy: Stop it, stop it you mean old potato! [as Potato Head] Andy: Quiet, Bo Peep! Or your sheep get run over! [as the sheep, on a toy car track] Andy: Help! Baaa! Help us! [as Bo Peep] Andy: Oh no! Not my sheep! Somebody do something! [Andy brings Woody into view on his bed. In front of the other toys, he pulls Woody's string] Woody: [voice box] Reach for the sky! Andy: [as Mr. Potato Head] Oh no! Sheriff Woody! [as Woody] Andy: I'm here to stop you, One-eyed Bart! [pops off Mr. Potato Head's right eye; as Mr. Potato Head] Andy: D'oh! How'd you know it was me? [as Woody] Andy: Are you gonna come quietly? [as Mr. Potato Head] Andy: Ya can't touch me, Sheriff! I brought my Attack Dog, [Andy places down Slinky Dog] Andy: with a built-in force field! [stretches Slinky out] Andy: [as Woody] Well I brought my dinosaur! [brings out Rex] Andy: Who eats force field dogs! [making sound effects] Andy: Arr Rawr rawr! Yipe, yipe yipe yipe! [as Woody] Andy: You're going to jail, Bart. Say goodbye to the wife and tater tots. [Andy places Mr. Potato Head in Molly's crib] Bear: This Isn't Jail!

Molly: Aa, ha ha ha! [makes baby laughing noises, picks up Mr. Potato Head, and drools on him. His ear and arm fall near Woody] Andy: You saved the day again, Woody! [pulls Woody's string] Woody: [voice box] You're my favorite deputy! BearRockz & Walt Disney Pictures Presents


You've Got A Friend In Me

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