Bear has to pull his special and he was followed by a big brown bear.

  • Boco (cameo)
  • Bear
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Emily
  • Henry (mentioned)
  • Bear's driver
  • Gordon (doesn't speak)
  • James (doesn't speak)

Narrator: It was a busy day on Sodor island and the engines are working hard. One day Sir Topham Hatt came to see Bear.

Sir Topham Hatt: There's going to be a carnival today and Bear I need you to take The Flying Kipper because Henry popped a safety valve.

Bear: Yes, sir.

Narrator: When got to the docks, he saw the special train. Edward was pulling the special. Bear was upset.

Bear: I wish I can pull the special but I got the stupid,smelly fish.

Narrator: A big brown bear smelled the fish and no one noticed that he got out of his cage and went one of the vans. The last door was shut and the guard blew his whistle and Bear set off. Then he heard a growl. His driver checked his engine but nothing's wrong. They kept going to the town. Then he heard the soft growling again.

Bear's driver: I don't know what's the problem Bear young boy, but we must keep going.

Narrator: Then Bear got to town and Thomas was there.

Thomas: Hello, Bear, how's the Flying Kipper?

Narrator: Before Bear can answer, Edward puffed into the station.

Edward: Where's my bear?

Thomas: Bear what bear?

Edward: The bear for carnival. I saw the bear into one of the vans of the flying Kipper.

Bear: You don't mean-

Edward: Yes, Bear.

Narrator: Bear's driver looked in one of the vans. Then he ran away quickly. The bear was in the 5th car from the van. Then the bear got out of the van he crawled off the platform.

Bear's Driver: So that was making all the growl, a big brown bear.

Narrator: Then the bear noticed Bear. He wondered what Bear was and he came towards him. He sniffed him and licked him.

Bear: Help driver, do something I think he's going to eat me.

Narrator: The driver laughed.

Bear's Driver: Don't worry, boy. He's harmless.

Narrator: Bear's driver grabbed a fish and got the bear's attention and it went into the cage. That night at the sheds, Bear was talking to the engines.

Bear: I was scared but the bear licked me and I thought he was going to eat me. My driver said he was harmless.

Emily: You must've have a baby cub, Bear.

Narrator: All of the engines laughed except Gordon and James. Gordon and James thought Bear had an odd sense of humor.


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