Who We Are

The Bear Territory Roto League started around 1998 or 1999 and became a keeper league after the 2002 season. Originally started by a group of Alameda High School alumni, it now includes members on both coasts and in capitalist China.

Most of us also embark on an annual tour of baseball parks. Called the Pulled Pork Pilgrimage in reference to the high consumption of pork products in Chicago, attendance often includes cameos of friends and family from near and far.

Where We Are

We operate a private league at Yahoo!'s fantasy site. In 2007, Brian finished first. Go here for archives including final standings, rules, and songs.

Most of us also play fantasy hoops. In 2006-7, Mike Fong finished atop the standings.

Why We Do It

We're baseball nuts. It's our social network. We like to waste massive amounts of time.

Daisuke is a fat chick

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Meet the Bride of Godzilla

Matsui wife

My coworker Takashi informs me that Matsui's wife is a 25-year old from his prefecture and she cooks well. And obviously, very pretty. [[1]] Apparently, he also wan a bet with Jeter and Abreu as to who will marry first. I'm surprised Pete Rose didn't get in on the action. [[2]]

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