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Bear Cave Studios

Santa Cruz, CA


The Bear Cave is privately owned home project-studio nestled deep within the Santa Cruz wilderness. The production style at 'The Cave' is heavily based around sampling, looping, chopping, and mangling a variety of input sources (turntable, keyboards, drummachines, ect)


Signal Path

The Bear Cave layout can be confusing to the common user because it's workflow is very specific. These are the basic elements in the studio's signal path

  • Headless laptop
Main sampler/beat reciprocator
  • Yamaha MG10/2 Mixer
The master volumes for all the equipment
  • Technics 1200 Turntable
Classic, rock-solid DJ deck
  • Alesis Quadraverb
Main FX and reverb unit
  • Pioneer Home-Stereo Casette Deck
Omnipotent sketchpad/mixdown unit
  • Technics Home-Stereo Reciever
All sound in the house comes through this
  • Assorted Synths & External Gear
These all go directly into the mixer and are less critical to the signal path

Headless Laptop

At the heart of the setup lies the 1GhZ G4. It doesnt have a name (yet). The computer has 60 gig internal harddrive and suprisingly still has a little bit of room still left on it. 2 USB ports (port 1 is usally the mouse port 2 frequently cycles between the USB turntable interface, the Alesis MIDI controller, someone elses' harddrive, and the cubase dongle) and 1 Firewire port are on the back.

The headphone out for the computer is hooked up to a 1/8" to RCA monster cable that is routed to channels 7/8 on the Yamaha mixer.

1 VGA out hooks up to the AOC flatscreen, the flatscreen can host 2 VGA inputs. Note: the power supply is janky near the base where it plugs into the wall.

The CPU serves as the main sampler of the whole setup. For recording audio, the program Audio Hijack Pro is the best place to start when making a sample on the computer.

See the 'Recording a Sample' Section on an overview on capturing a sample at the Bear Cave

The best way to capture video on the computer is still being determined.

Yamaha Mixer

Super budget line mixer that Ryan and Evan share joint ownership of. Technically marketed as a 10 channel mixer, in actuality is 2 mono line/mic inputs 2 stereo line/mic channels (thats a left and right 1/4" jack and 1 balanced XLR jack all controlled by the same volume knob) and 2 more stereo line channels (2 x 1/4" L/R jacks and 1 RCA pair all controlled by the same volume knob). Each channel has a volume knob, a L/R pan knob, the AUX send, a crappy 3 band EQ, and mic channels have a gain knob.

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