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Bear dragons are a species of Flightless dragons in the world of Èowyn.


The Bear dragon has a green scaly skin, a horn, five claws on its front bear-like paws for cutting branches, a horn between its nose, blue eyes and light skinned on its chest and its belly. Bear Dragons can move upright on two legs or on four legs


Like all beasts in Èowyn, Bear Dragons are very gentle, docile, peaceful and friendly despite that they are enslaved for food, clothing and forced labour by the Cruel Dark Elves. Most Bear Dragons do prefer being with Humans, Wolf-people and many other Tolearic races native to Èowyn because they are kinder and friendlier than the dark elves. Bear Dragons enjoy being petted (Particularly their bellies), being ridden on the back, sleeping, eating food, being massaged, working with humans, licking cheeks and hands (Also the fur of Wolf-people because of the Bear Dragon's docility with mammals).


Bear Dragons mainly eat grass, cooked meat, fish, fruit, leaves, human food (Bread, ale, etc...) and honey


before the human race and Gerry Flowertop's Coronation, Bear Dragons were created by Sawyl the Eowynian god of dragons, dinosaurs, beasts and nature (A former mortal wolf-man from another world).

Since the great cataclysm, Bear Dragons survive along with the other dinosaur remnants until the arrival of the Tolarians (Proto-Tolearics) scanning every life form and fossils to be seeded and reseeded.

Homo-Lupo colonists from the world of Lamenos arrive in Eowyn, taming the Bear Dragons, renaming themselves as the Èowynics, Èowynic language founded (Known as Proto-Celtic).

Mammals thrive in the world of Eowyn Including the australopithecus which will evolve into Humans in the Heltic mountains, the Canimorgs which will evolve into Wolf-people in the Heltic mountains along with Humans and Dwarves, Ursintheres, Leokars which will evolve into Lion-people in the place known as mount Dionysius in Elikosia and Elves and dwarves begin to thrive.

Demons were driven extinct by the Humans, wolf-people and beasts making them the tolearic species to be dominant in the world.

The arrival of the great Incubus of Lucifer causes Ancient Èowynic cities to sink (Like Atlantis) forcing its inhabitants to go to the mainlands (Reducing into Neolithic age or teaching other peoples to build civilisations) and leaving earth (Giving birth to Breton, Cornish, Devonian, Gaulish, Irish, Manx, Scottish Gaelic and Welsh.)

Great Incubus corrupts Elves giving birth to the Dark Elf race, Some fungus into Orcs and Goblins, some of the Wolf-people into Gnolls and the great incubus shelters itself under the greatest mountain of all of Èowyn.

Since the Fall of the Augustian Empire, Bear Dragons were captured and put into slavery and death by being eaten for meat, using the skin as clothing and eggs being stolen and eaten.

Gerry Flowerpot and the Fellowship before discovering the ring of Darkness, encounters and escaped Bear Dragon under the Dwarven-Basque colony in the Heltic mountains and named him Kord.

After Gerry and Emily's Coronation, the Armies from around Èowyn free most Bear Dragons from Dark Elf Colonies and homeland.

After the defeat of Nagaroth and the destruction of the Ring of Darkness, Bear Dragons enjoy peaceful lives with Humans and many other Tolearic species.


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