Season 5 is a season idea for the series, with 39 episodes.


  1. We Are Back!
  2. Spiffy and Tidy
  3. Luna's Friend
  4. Sharing and Caring
  5. The Right Way
  6. Follow the Leader
  7. Otter Pond Adventure
  8. The Sequoia City Trip
  9. Side by Side
  10. A Peice of Cake
  11. Flip Flop
  12. Rinse and Wash
  13. Woodland Valley Heroes
  14. Big Bird Comes to Town
  15. Luna's Harvest Color
  16. The Big Trip (1)
  17. The Big Trip (2)
  18. The Big Trip (3)
  19. Patience is Important
  20. The Mystery of the Lost Treasure
  21. The Cookie Capers
  22. The Front Balcony
  23. A Day at Woodland Valley
  24. The Annual Picnic
  25. Mailing Day
  26. A Hot Summer Day
  27. Shippin' and Receivin'
  28. The Woodland Valley Parade
  29. Fixer Uppers
  30. The Visitors
  31. I Need Some Help
  32. Fun in the House

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