Ojo: Hey!, Look at This Toy That I Found Tutter.

(The Walking cheese toy starts to roll)

(Ojo and Tutter laughing)

Tutter: Look Bear!, (gigging) It's Cheese that Walks!, Walking CHEESE!!!.

(All three laughing when Shadow Laughing)

Bear: Huh?.

Tutter: Good Toy, Ojo.

(Shadow laughing from Episode [Friends for Life])

Bear: Did You Hear That?, That Sounded Like my Friend Shadow, Hmm.

Bear: Maybe If We Look Real Hard, and Sing a Song Together, She'll Appear, Sing with me.

Bear: (starts to sing): Ohhh!!! (Mole and Chick gasp) Sorry.

Bear: (singing) Where oh Where oh Where is Shadow? (he bumps in his head on the doorway) Oooh!, Where oh Where oh Where oh Where is Shadow?, Where oh Where oh Where is Shadow?.

Doc Hogg: Be with you in a Bit Bear.

Bear: Sorry Doc.

Bear: (finish singing) Where can Shadow Be?, Hmm.

(Bear Looks for Shadow)

Bear: (shouting) SHADOW!!!.

(Shadow appears in Vaccination Poster and He Laughs)

Shadow: Hey You Big Old Bear.

Bear: Why, Shadow! There are you, So What are you doing here Today?.

Shadow: I Just was playing in the Colored lights, Shining through the Bottles in Doc's Office.

Bear: Well, Shadow, Since you're Here Did you Happen Have a Story for Us?.

Shadow: Why Certainly, Bear (laughs), Just Watch.

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