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Beast Jumps In is the seventh episode of the sixth season of Mickey the Mouse and Friends and the 137th episode overall. It is a parody of Thomas & Friends episode Jack Jumps in.


  • Mickey Mouse (from Mickey Mouse) as Thomas
  • Beast (from Beauty and the Beast) as Jack
  • Dug (from Up) as Alfie
  • Max (from Mickey Mouse) as Kelly
  • Terk (from Tarzan) as Isobella
  • Flotsam (from The Little Mermaid) as Max
  • Tarzan (from Tarzan) as Oliver (Pack)
  • Kerchack (from Tarzan) as Byron
  • Jasmine (from Aladdin) as Jenny Packard
  • Tantor (from Tarzan) as Ned (cameo)
  • King Triton (from The Little Mermaid) as The Foreman
  • Professor Porter (from Tarzan) as Sir Topham Hatt (mentioned)


Narrator: "It was a tingly spring morning on Disneyland. Mickey was excited. Professor Porter had sent him to collect a special from Jasmine."

Jasmine: "Spot on, Mickey."

Narrator: "Jasmine said."

Jasmine: "You'd make a mother proud."

Mickey: "Thanks, Jasmine."

Narrator: "He said."

Mickey: "Is this my special?"

Jasmine: "Very special."

Narrator: "She answered."

Beast: "I'm Prince Adam, the Beast."

Narrator: "He said proudly."

Beast: "I can load and unload and carry lots of things."

Mickey: "I can haul and shunt."

Narrator: "Boasted Mickey."

Jasmine: "And I can get you two chatterboxes off to the quarry!"

Narrator: "Laughed Jasmine."

Mickey: "Is this your first job at the quarry?"

Narrator: "Mickey asked."

Beast: "It's my first job on Disneyland!"

Narrator: "Beast called back."

Mickey: "Look out for Flotsam."

Narrator: "Mickey added."

Mickey: "He's trouble."

Narrator: "Soon Mickey delivered Beast to the quarry."

All the Disney characters were busy, preparing the site for a new path.

Beast couldn't wait to join in.

He scooted towards a big ape-man."

Beast: "I'm Beast. Can I help?"

Tarzan: "Oh, my, no."

Narrator: "Tarzan replied kindly."

Tarzan: "Help Kerchak."

Narrator: "Kerchak the Gorilla was shoving rock and rubble with his giant paws."

Beast: "I'm Beast. Can I help?"

Kerchak: "I don't need help."

Narrator: "Boomed Kerchak."

Kerchak: "Try Max Goof."

Beast: "I'm Beast."

Narrator: "He said cheerfully."

Terk: "Mind my fur!"

Narrator: "Snapped the gorilla."

Max: "Terkina..."

Narrator: "Scolded Max."

Terk: "Sorry. Welcome to the pack."

Max: "And if you want to work..."

Narrator: "Said Max."

Terk: "See King Triton."

Narrator: "Terk said cheekily."

Terk: "He's in charge!"

Narrator: "King Triton introduced Beast to his Animator."

Animator: "I'm here to help you work safely."

Narrator: "Said the Animator."

King Triton: "No speeding and no horseplay."

Narrator: "Added King Triton."

King Triton: "No go help Dug."

Beast: "Yes, sir!"

Narrator: "Replied Beast eagerly, and he raced off."

Animator: "Remember,"

Narrator: "Called the animator."

Animator: "Safety first!"

Narrator: "Dug is a golden retriever. He makes the hardest job seem like play."

Beast: "I'm Beast. I'm here to help."

Dug: "More help means more dirt. More dirt means more fun.

I'm Dug."

Narrator: "Beast and Dug were working hard and having wonderful fun.

Suddenly, a huge eel roared by."

Dug: "Flotsam!"

Narrator: "Dug cried."

Beast: "So that's Flotsam."

Narrator: "Said Beast."

Beast: "Mickey was right. He is trouble."

Dug: "Look out, Beast!"

Narrator: "Cried Dug.

Flotsam stopped just in time. Beast refused to move."

Beast: "Stop bullying!"

Narrator: "Said Beast bravely."

Flotsam: "Can't you take a joke?"

Narrator: "Beast grumbled and slithered away."

Dug: "Thank you, Beast!"

Narrator: "Said Dug.

Then, King Triton shouted,"

King Triton: "Tarzan, move this rock!"

Beast: "I'll do it!"

Narrator: "Cried Beast. Beast scooped a bucket full of rock."

Animator: "Stop!"

Narrator: "Shouted his animator.

But he didn't stop. He was too eager to help."

Terk: "No!"

Narrator: "Shouted Terk.

But it was too late."

Beast: "Oh, no!"

Narrator: "He cried."


Beast: "Oops."

Narrator: "Beast sputtered.

Jasmine was glad Beast wasn't hurt, but she was disappointed."

Jasmine: "Safety First..."

Narrator: "She said firmly,"

Jasmine: "Means you don't rush in where you don't belong."

Beast: "I'm sorry, Jasmine."

Narrator: "Beast said sadly."

Jasmine: "Maybe you're not ready for the Pack."

Narrator: "Sighed Jasmine."

Jasmine: "We'll see if you can do better tomorrow."

Narrator: "After Jasmine returned home, Beast was sad. Terk could see he was unhappy."

Terk: "You're a good Beast."

Narrator: "She said."

Dug: "And a good friend."

Narrator: "Said Dug."

Mickey: "Being a good friend is important."

Narrator: "Said Mickey.

That made Beast feel just a bit better."

Previous Episode

The Fogman

Next Episode

A Friend in Need


  • Footage Copyright: The Walt Disney Company, Pixar Animation Studios

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