Beat With a Schtick is an episode from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. It is the 22nd episode and is in the 2nd season of the show.


Bloo believes that he is the funniest guy in the house, that is, until he annoys The New Guy with one of his jokes. The New Guy takes it seriously and tells Bloo to meet him outside at 4:00 to give him something to laugh about.

Bloo begins to freak out and tries to hide, by first trying a pot, but yet Jackie Khones could easily see him in there.

However, soon enough, he manages to get Terrence to help out, on some conditions, yet, that doesn't work out.

Bloo, in the end, decides to face The New Guy but soon finds out that he was just trying to be funny and wanted to show Bloo his act. Bloo tells him that it was lame, and ends up getting hit anyway.

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