1. The Prince as Elephant
  2. Lumiere as Zebra
  3. Cogsworth as Giraffe
  4. Footstool as Dog
  5. Chip as Cat
  6. Phillipe as Horse
  7. Red Bimbette as Duck
  8. Orange Bimbette as Frog
  9. Green Bimbette as Peacock
  10. Fife as Camel
  11. Stove as Rhino
  12. Human Fife as Rooster
  13. Human Cogsworth as Cow
  14. LeFou as Tiger
  15. Gaston as Lion
  16. Belle as Flamingo
  17. Fifi as Ostrich
  18. Mrs. Potts as Sheep
  19. Wolves as Bugs
  20. Villagers as Dinosaurs
  21. Baker as Cheetah
  22. Human Chip as Bird
  23. Monsieur D'Arque as Panther
  24. Maurice as Owl
  25. Human Mrs. Potts as Chicken
  26. Human Lumiere as Pigeon
  27. Sutlan Dog as Hyena
  28. Music Box as Meerkat
  29. Angelique as Rabbit
  30. Forte as Bear
  31. Le Plume as Kangaroo
  32. Crane as Fox
  33. Enchantress as Hippo
  34. Clarice as Monkey
  35. Webster as Walrus
  36. Human Angelique as Panda
  37. Witherspoon as Crab
  38. Beast as Crocodile
  39. Chandeleria as Gazelle
  40. Human Forte as Shark
  41. Marguerita as Wildebeest
  42. Wardrobe as Buffalo
  43. Gaston's Buddies as Fish, Whale, Dolphin and Octopus
  44. Peddler Woman as Gorilla
  45. Bookseller as Antelope
  46. Human Fifi as Anteater
  47. The Hat Stand as Snake
  48. Axe as Vulture
  49. Human Angelique as Penguin

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