• Belle as Belle
  • Beast as Cinderella
  • Lumiere as Aurora
  • Cogsworth as Jasmine
  • Mrs. Potts as Snow White
  • Chip as Alice
  • Fifi as Mulan
  • Sultan as Blossom
  • Wardrobe as Anita
  • Stove as Esmeralda
  • The Hat Stand as Megara
  • Music Box as Anastasia
  • Maurice as Ariel
  • Gaston as Veruna Salt
  • LeFou as Lucy
  • Monsieur D'Arque as Annie
  • Phillipe as Merida
  • Red Bimbette as Giselle
  • Orange Bimbette as Rapunzel
  • Green Bimbette as Tiana
  • Baker as Kida
  • Bookseller as Pocahontas
  • Peddler Woman as Eilonwy
  • Enchantress as Crysta
  • Prince Adam as Sofia
  • Angelique as Wendy
  • Fife as Kayley
  • Forte as Tilly
  • Axe as Odette
  • Webster as Anna
  • Crane as Jane
  • Le Plume as Lilo
  • Chandeleria as Thumbelina
  • Witherspoon as Tinker Bell

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