Beauty and the Beast is made by A Bug's Life.

  • Rosie as Belle
  • Dim as Beast/Prince Adam
  • Bird as Philippe
  • Heimlich as Maurice
  • Manny as Lumiere
  • Francis as Cogsworth
  • Gypsy as Mrs. Potts
  • Slim as Chip
  • Atta as Wardrobe
  • Aphie as Sultan
  • Hopper as Gaston
  • Molt as LeFou
  • Villagers as Grasshoppers
  • Queen as Fifi
  • Dot as Baker
  • Flik as the Librarian
  • Thorny as Mob 1
  • Cornelius as Mob 2
  • Mr. Soil as Mob 3
  • Axel as Mob 4
  • Tuck and Roll as Mrs. Potts' children
  • Loco as Mob 5
  • Maggots as Bimbettes

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