My version of the fantastic history of "Beauty and the Lion" from MichealCityMarker

Cast(DON'T EDIT!!!):

Maria Robotnik(Hedgehog form from Sonic the Hedgehog Fan-Arts) as Belle

Adult Simba(From The Lion King) as Beast

Shadow the Hedgehog(From Sonic the Hedgehog) as Prince Adam

Buggs Bunny(From Looney Toons) as Lumiere

Flynn Rider(From Tangled) as Lumiere(Human)

Daffy Duck(From Looney Toons) as Cogsworth

Baljeet Rai(From Phineas and Ferb) as Cogsworth(Human)

Sarabi(From The Lion King) as Mrs.Potts

Linda Flynn(From Phineas and Ferb) as Mrs.Potts(Human)

Young Kovu(From The Lion King 2) as Chip

Young Phineas Flynn(From Phineas and Ferb) as Chip(Human)

Samson(From Sleeping Beauty) as Philipe

Magic Carpet(From Aladdin) as Sultan

Dug(From Up) as Sultan(Dog)

Lola Bunny(From Space Jam) as Fifi

Rapunzel(From Tangled) as Fifi(Human)

Dr Gerald Robotnik(From Sonic X) as Maurice

Mephiles the Dark(From Sonic next gen) as Gaston

Teen Nuka(From The Lion King 2) as Lefou

Frollo(From the Hunchback of Notre Dame) as Monseur D'Arque

Wave the Swallow(From Sonic Riders),Sally Acorn(From Sonic Archies comics) and Mina Mongoose(From Sonic Archie Comics) as the Bimbettes

Hyenas(From The Lion King) and jaguars(The emperor's new groove) as the Wolves

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