(AnimatedFan195 Productions logo)

(The castle appears zooming in out of the forest)

Narrator: AnimatedFan195 Productions presents its all-new full-length animated motion picture.

(GoGo Tomago opens the castle door)

GoGo Tomago: Is anyone here?

Oliver: Mama, there's a girl in the castle!

Margaret and CJ: A girl!

Mordecai: A girl!

Narrator: The classic story of "Beauty and the Lion".

(The castle outside is snowing in a dark snowstorm)

Narrator: He was a lonely lion cursed by a mysterious spell, and she was a beautiful young girl who could set him and his kingdom free.

(Kovu facepalms while looking at the magic rose)

(GoGo sees a broken mirror)

(GoGo looks at the magic rose)

(Mordecai, Rigby, Sawyer, Oliver, Margaret, CJ and Duke sneak up on GoGo)

Mordecai: She's the one! She has come to break the spell!

(GoGo and Kovu look at each other)

Narrator: They were two complete opposites

GoGo Tomago: I don't wanna have anything to do with him!

Kovu: She is being so difficult!

Narrator: until something wonderful happened.

GoGo Tomago (singing): "There's something sweet,"

Sawyer: Straighten up!

(Kovu makes the birds go away)

GoGo Tomago (singing): "and almost kind,"

Mordecai: Show me the smile.

(Kovu smiles)

(Kovu growls at GoGo)

GoGo Tomago (singing): "but he was mean and he was coarse and unrefined."

(Kovu eats his oatmeal fast like a dog, with GoGo shocked)

(Kovu gets ready for dinner with him getting washed off and getting his fur cutted)

GoGo Tomago (singing): "And now he's dear,"

Mordecai: You look so--

GoGo Tomago (singing): "and so unsure."

(Kovu looks ugly in this look)

Kovu: Stupid.

GoGo Tomago (singing): "I wonder why I didn't see it there before."

(GoGo looks nervous)

(Kovu slurps his dinner with a spoon)

(Kovu gets hit with a snowball by GoGo)

Narrator: It's the story filled with fun,

(Rigby gets sneezed by Ford)

Ford Pines: Oh. (giggles) I beg your pardon.

Narrator: adventure,

(Robert and his men break the castle door with a log)

Mordecai: Suck my blood! Invaders!

(Robert's men are defeated)

Narrator: and dozens of wonderful new characters.

Li'l Gideon: (screams in pain)

Rigby: Keep it down!

(The animals cheered)

(The fireworks in the castle appear)

(GoGo and Kovu prepare to dance in the ball)

(The animals dance in the ball)

Narrator: Featuring six new songs from the academy-award winning composer and lyricist of "The Little Cardinal and Cloud Humanoid".

Mordecai and chorus (singing): Be our guest. Be our guest. Our command is your request. It's been ten years since we've had anybody here, and we're obsessed.

Narrator: This spring, share the fun, the magic and the music of an entertainment event you'll never forget.

(Rigby falls into a bowl of oatmeal)

(Oliver squirts some water)

(Eggs fall into Gideon's face)

(GoGo hugs Duke)

(GoGo goes onto a horse-riding cart)

(The mice make a splash with the cups)

(Gideon dances on one of Robert's men's head)

(GoGo dances in the library)

(Birds from "Rio" are singing)

(Mordecai is on the dish with champagne)

(Kovu imagines)

(GoGo dances with her dinner)

(Corks from the champagne bottles fly with the champagne spilling it two times)

(Star, Jackie and Janna are singing in town)

(GoGo and Kovu are sitting outside the castle at nighttime)

Narrator: AnimatedFan195's Beauty and the Lion.

(Rigby dances but Mordecai pushes him out of the way with a ta-da pose as the song ends)

Title: Beauty and the Lion (AnimatedFan195 Version)

Tagline: Coming Soon.

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