narrator once upon a time in a castle lived Prince Taran he had everything his heart desired but Taran was selfish and unkind one winters night an old begger woman named Bridget the Hag came for shelter for the bitter cold but Taran decieved by her appearance turned her away after that she changed into a beautiful enchantress named Alice Taran tried to apologize but it was too late she saw no love in his heart as punishment she changed him into a lion named Kovu and bewitched his castle changed his servents intob animals and left behind a rose and a mirror to break the spell he must learn to love another and earn their love in return if not he will permanently remain a lion years passed and in a village in a cottage lived a beautiful young girl named Eilowy who went looking in town Eilowy little town of a quiet village everyday like the one before little town fulll of little people waking up to say the town people bonjeur bonjeur bonjuer bonjeur bonjeur Eliwoy there goes the baker with his tray like always the same old bread hes grown to sell every morning just the same every morning always same to the poor prevental town Edgar aww good morning Eliowy Eliowy good morning Edgar Edgar where you off to Eliowy the bookshop i just finsihed the book i borrowed about a beanstalk a goblin and an orge Edgar thats nice Fro Fro the muffins hurry up

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