Plot Summary

Becky becomes very excited when she finds out her new little brother has been born this year on August 17, but when she tries to come up with a young boy's name for the new baby boy, she settles on Ricky, which is a very good name for him.


  • When Becky is rocking and singing a lullaby to her little brother, Ricky, you can see a little bit of her beautifully adorable bellybutton showing up, when her dark pink shirt rises a bit.
  • Jukebox Band Song: A Baby is a Gift From the Magical Universe
  • Thomas and Friends Story Segment: Close Family Reunion
  • Becky wears the same hairstyle she had in Becky Makes a Wish and the same clothes she wore in Schemer's Alone........


Becky's Baby Brother is Born transcript

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