Part 1

(The episode begins with Becky walking around into the station, looking very excited.........)

Becky: "Good morning, everybody........"

Billy: "Good morning, Becky...........

Dan + Kara: "Hi, Becky........"

Stacy: "You look real cheerful today this morning........."

Becky: "I know, you guys, because my mom told me she's in labor, and that Tiffany and I will become the big sisters to a little brother or sister real soon."

Tiffany: "I'm so excited about it, that we'll both have a little brother or sister when it gets born in a couple of days and nights."

Kara: "Becky, are you ever gonna get left out?"

Becky: "No, Kara, I'm not gonna get left out at all, not at all."

Dan: "It's gonna be so exciting........"

(A railroad train whistle is heard outside...........)

Stacy: "Oh, please excuse me while I go help Billy unload that railroad train."

(Stacy leaves to go help Billy unload the luggage from the railroad train, and Mr. Conductor (PB) appears right in front of Dan, Becky, Tiffany and Kara.......)

Mr. Counductor (PB): "Good Morning everyone."

Kara: "Good Morning Mr. Conductor."

Mr. Counductor (PB): "Is everything going alright with you guys?"

Becky: "Yes, of course, and I'm getting a new little brother or sister real soon."

Mr. Counductor (PB): "Well, good thing, Becky, it can be a real big family reunion like the 1 Thomas and his close friends had when Rosie's cousin, Bonnie and Percy's cousin, Larry arrived."

Dan: "What happened between their cousins, Mr. Counductor?"

Mr. Counductor (PB): "Well, let me tell you the entire story of Rosie, Bonnie, Percy and Larry......."

(Mr. Counductor (PB) blows his magical golden whistle and the story, Close Family Reunion begins)

Mr. Conductor (PB): It was a real lovely morning, and Rosie was feeling bright and cheerful as always....

  • She was saying 'Hi there' to everybody else............

Mr. Conductor (PB): 1 fine afternoon, The Fat Controller and Mr. Percival were telling them some exciting news.........

Mr. Percival: "Fellow engines, we've got some real good news to tell all of you around here."

The Fat Controller: "We all know that Percy's cousin, Larry and Rosie's cousin, Bonnie are coming to town this afternoon."

Mr. Conductor (PB): "Thomas and his close friends were so excited about it.

Thomas: "I can't believe Percy's cousin and Rosie's cousin are coming to town this afternoon."

Duck: "Me neither....."

Oliver: "I can hardly wait."

Emily: "It wouldn't be a fun party without them being here."

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