Becky's Birthday is a Shining Time Station Home Video that was released on March 8, 2005, celebrating 60 years of Shining Time Station.


  • In this birthday themed episode, Dan, Matt, Becky, Kara and Tanya are celebrating their surprise. Becky is having her birthday. They invite Ash Ketchum, Raimundo Pedrosa, Mel Blake, Meilin Rae, Shaggy Rogers, Alexander Cabot, Mona, Star Butterfly, Yami Yugi, Rikochet, Sonic, Sam Simpson, Jackie Chan, Virgil Hawkins, Agent J, Will Vandom, Ace Bunny, Suzie Chan, Ally Williams, Annie Roberts, Juniper Lee, Donkey Kong, Ozzy Jones, Rick Wheeler, Stacy, Harry, Billy and The Conductors to the whole fun. Unaware to the gang, Schemer, Schemee, Team Rocket and The Greaser Dogs try to ruin Becky's birthday, but are kicked out. After that, Becky is pleased to have her birthday celebrated.


From Shining Time Station

  1. Mr. Conductor 1 (George Carlin)
  2. Mr. Conductor 2 (Alec Baldwin)
  3. Mr. Conductor 3 (Michael Brandon)
  4. Stacy Jones (Didi Conn)
  5. Harry Cupper (Leonard Jackson)
  6. Billy Twofeathers (Tom Jackson)
  7. Dan (Ari Magder)
  8. Matt (Jason Woliner)
  9. Becky (Danielle Marcot)
  10. Kara (Erica Luttrell)
  11. Tanya (Nicole Leach)
  12. Horace Schemer (Brian O'Conner)
  13. Schemee (Jonathan Shapiro)

From Pokemon

  1. Ash Ketchum (Veronica Taylor)
  2. Jessie (Rachael Lillis)
  3. James (Eric Stuart)
  4. Meowth (Maddie Blaustein)
  5. Wobbuffet (Kayzie Rogers)

From Xiaolin Showdown

  1. Raimundo Pedrosa (Tom Kenny)

From Hoop-a-Joop

  1. Mel Blake (Stephanie Morgenstern)

From Cardcaptors

  1. Meilin Rae (Nicole Oliver)

From What's New, Scooby-Doo?

  1. Shaggy Rogers (Matthew Lillard)

From Josie and The Pussycats

  1. Alexander Cabot (Casey Kasem)

From WarioWare

  1. Mona (Stephanie Morgenstern)

From Star vs. The Forces of Evil

  1. Star Butterfly (Stephanie Morgenstern)

From Yu-Gi-Oh!

  1. Yami Yugi (Dan Green)

From Mucha Lucha

  1. Rikochet (Carlos Alazraqui)

From Sonic X

  1. Sonic (Jason Griffith)

From Totally Spies

  1. Sam Simpson (Jennifer Hale)

From Jackie Chan Adventures

  1. Jackie Chan (James Sie)

From Static Shock

  1. Virgil Hawkins (Phil LaMarr)

From Men In Black: The Series

  1. Agent J (Keith Diamond)

From W.I.T.C.H.

  1. Will Vandom (Kelly Stables)

From Loonatics Unleashed

  1. Ace Bunny (Charlie Schlatter)

From The Amazing Chan and The Chan Clan

  1. Suzie Chan (Cherylene Lee)

From Life With Ally

  1. Ally Williams (Grey DeLisle)

From Annie The Smart and Genius Girl

  1. Annie Roberts (Stephanie Morgenstern)

From The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

  1. Juniper Lee (Lara Jill Miller)

From Donkey Kong Country

  1. Donkey Kong (Richard Yearwood)

From Ozzy and Drix

  1. Ozzy Jones (Phil LaMarr)

From F-Zero GP Legend

  1. Rick Wheeler (Frank Frankson)

From CatDog

  1. Cliff Feltbottom (Tom Kenny)
  2. Lube Ignatius (Carlos Alazraqui)
  3. Shriek Dubois (Maria Bamford)

Thomas Stories (focusing on Thomas)

  1. Thomas Saves The Day
  2. Down The Mine
  3. Thomas Comes To Breakfast
  4. Thomas Gets Bumped

Jukebox Band

  1. Disney's Happy Birthday Song


  • Dan's outfit consists of: a cyan long sleeved shirt, gray pants and brown shoes.
  • Matt's outfit consists of: a red short sleeved shirt, blue pants and black shoes.
  • Becky's outfit consists of: a purple long sleeved shirt, black skirt, tan pantyhose and red dress shoes.
  • Kara's outfit consists of: a yellow short sleeved shirt, black pants and green shoes.
  • Tanya's outfit consists of: a blue short sleeved shirt, white pants and purple shoes.
  • Ash's casual clothing consists of: a blue long sleeved shirt, blue pants and black shoes.
  • Raimundo's outfit (from The Shard of Lightning) consists of: a white short sleeved shirt, green pants and red shoes.
  • Mel's casual clothing consists of: a green sleeveless shirt, red skirt, tan pantyhose and black high heels.
  • Meilin's Just Like Old Times outfit consists of: a brown long sleeved shirt, pink skirt and red dress shoes.
  • Shaggy's casual clothing consists of: a green long sleeved shirt, brown pants and brown shoes.
  • Alexander's casual clothing consists of: a green long sleeved shirt, purple pants and orange shoes.
  • Mona's casual clothing consists of: a red sleeveless dress and red high heels.
  • Star's casual clothing consists of: a green sleeveless dress and green high heels.
  • Yugi's casual clothing consists of:.
  • Rikochet's casual clothing consists of:.
  • Sonic's casual clothing consists of:.
  • Sam's Evil Boyfriend outfit consists of:.
  • Jackie's casual clothing consists of:.
  • Virgil's casual clothing consists of:.
  • Agent J's casual clothing consists of:.
  • Will's casual clothing consists of:.
  • Ace's casual clothing consists of:.
  • Suzie's casual clothing consists of:.
  • Ally's casual clothing consists of:.
  • Annie's casual clothing consists of:.
  • June's casual clothing consists of:.
  • Donkey Kong's casual clothing consists of:.
  • Ozzy's casual clothing consists of:.
  • Rick's casual clothing consists of:.
  • Jessie's casual clothing consists of:.
  • James' casual clothing consists of:.
  • Cliff's casual clothing consists of:.
  • Lube's casual clothing consists of:.
  • Shriek's casual clothing consists of:.
  • Stacy's casual clothing consists of:.
  • Harry's casual clothing consists of:.
  • Billy's casual clothing consists of:.
  • Schemer's casual clothing consists of:.
  • Schemee's casual clothing consists of:.
  • Mr. Conductor 1's casual clothing consists of:.
  • Mr. Conductor 2's casual clothing consists of:.
  • Mr. Conductor 3's casual clothing consists of:.


  • (We open this video with the Shining Time Station theme)
  • Man: Reach for the steam, reach for the whistle, going the railing road. Reach for the words, reach for the story, follow the rainbow sun. To a Shining Time Station, where dreams can come true, waiting there for you.
  • (The episode then opens with

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