• (after the opening as The episode starts with Dan, Billy Twofeathers, Derek, Michael, Luci, Tina, Kara and Schemer arrives make a plan for Becky's 11th Birthday)
  • Barney: Hi Everybody.
  • Everyone: Hey Barney.
  • Barney: What could we do for Becky's Birthday?

(everyone thinks Stacy is busy)

  • Stacy: Guys I'm really busy.
  • Barney: What are you doing Stacy?
  • Stacy: We are planning for Becky's 11th Birthday party.
  • Michael: Oh, we're gonna have a Pizza, drinks, Party games and excited cake!
  • Barney: That's great idea, Michael!

(Becky arrives at the station as her friends saw her)

  • Becky: Surprise!
  • Everyone: Becky, Happy Birthday!
  • (Everyone walks to her and hugs her as Mr. Conductor Ringo Starr appears in the front of Stacy's desk)
  • Mr. Conductor: Becky, Happy Birthday!
  • Becky: Hi Mr. Conductor, How old am I?
  • Mr. Conductor: You're 11 years old.
  • Michael: We are so proud of Becky.
  • Mr. Conductor: Hi Michael.
  • Michael: Hi Mr. Conductor.
  • Mr. Conductor: Oh, It's good to see you. But that. You gonna have party for Becky!
  • Becky: It's wonderful!
  • Derek: Guess What, Barney? I like to get a Pizza.
  • Mr. Conductor: How about James' Birthday. He wants to be a Proud and celebrates his birthday party. Let me tell you (He blows a whistles)
  • (Thomas Story Starts)
  • Narrator: One Night, Henry and Gordon Along with James....
  • (Thomas Stories Ends as the Steamies fades to Becky and her friends)
  • Becky: Barney is so proud of me when James was so proud!
  • Mr. Conductor: That's Right, Becky. You will be invite all your friends to the station. So goodbye
  • (Mr. Conductor Dissapeared)
  • Dan: How about the presents for Becky?
  • (Everyone thinks)
  • Barney: Super Dee Duper!

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