Becky Miles was born in 1990 she was born in the town of Exeter she joined the group known as the Rivers in 2002 but was known to the group before then. She died in 2010 when the true story of what really went on with her came out when Scott Curtis had to face his fears. She is also the Seventh River she used the cloneing and Scott dna to be able to do what the Rivers can do at death. Making her the seventh River more known as the Black River.


Becky Miles came to warn Scott Curtis of trouble she spoke to Scott and said if she helped him then she would want him sometime later on in life. Scott accpeted and she told of how a guy called William Work was working with Kim Knight together they manage to make Kim Knight lose most of her powers making her less of a threat for the Rivers when there was trouble and Zack Zindine was fed up she manage to bring him back into fighting the Kingsteigton Undead and because of that saved the Rivers.


Becky Miles now wanted Scott Curtis to help out and told the story of Oasis Care with the help of Emma Davison they manage to protect Becky and The River joined back as a force to save her from Oasis. However later on that year she was caught by them and soon this brought Scott Curtis with Maria Hart and Keith Rainer to save her they did and soon afterwards Becky Miles escaped Devon so she would be free of Oasis.


Becky Miles came back to see Scott and fix there past it was soon found out that one of the Oasis care group called Steven Hills had made lie to Scott saying she was dead her and Scott got back on with old feelings. However they dumped near the end of the year.


Becky Miles called Scott Curtis near the end of the year to say she wanted to speak to him however unaware of who was following her Scott Curtis and Becky Miles found themselfs fighting Steven Hills and Barry Charles in the fight Scott was badly hurt and Maria Hart had to give him CPR. He lived and could not understand how Becky had manage to beat two fully grown men alone.


Now Scott and Becky didnt speak someone was playing up on this someone from there pass with the help of Steph Colledge they worked together to get to the bottom of it however it wasnt him soon they found a more nasty plot by a man named Nick Green Becky Miles was protect by Scott and Steph later on in that year Becky had heard what went on. Because of this she started being friends with Scott again.


Becky Scott and Steph found that Nick Green was back and he sent out a ninja to try and deal with them both called Chloe Hand in the fight they took a nasty beaten. Later on in that year Scott beat Chloe Hand and found out this was part of a attack being made ready by the Hele Crew Scott Steph along with Zoe and Jamie Jackson stop it then Becky told Scott she was having a baby not there and she needed a break.


Scott Curtis looked on facebook and saw she had the baby he didnt see her that year which was a change for him. He then had the same dream again from the past with her.


Scott and Becky at last shown there true feeling for each other and admitted it Scott started to chill down with her and they stared to live in Brixham together.


Scott Curtis event played on him the fire started as in the dream worried that Becky daughter Ruby Miles was inside Scott took action to save her however a big event found out that Becky Miles was a clone the real Becky had died in 2002. this was set-up by the man who made the Kingsteigton Undead named Robert Dorrington in the fight Scott and Becky had a fight soon Scott had won. Scott soon had to tell her sister the story who then took care of Ruby. Scott and Lucy saw fire and she said how much she hated him for what he had done. Scott never wanted to talk about Becky Miles again. However unaware to Scott Curtis she had now got the powers of the Rivers. She had then started her next life as a boy called Ben Morris down in New Orleans where she would one day meet the Rivers again.

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