Becky and Dan's Singing Contest is an Season 3 episode 27 of Shining Time Station. Aired in September 7, 1993.


Becky and Dan prepare to have a singing contest. So Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin is back and he puts the spell on Becky, Kara and Dan which forces the kids to sing everything like they're singing a opera, but's can't talk anymore also, Billy Twofeathers drinks a water where Mr. Conductor's evil twin makes a singing spell and he is caused to sing like an operatic baritone before Mr. Conductor makes the kids return to their normal self.

Thomas Stories Segments

  • Terence the Tractor and Edward Helps Out (Both Told by George Carlin)


  • Becky has a Soprano voice when she sings Opera with Dan. Dan also has a countertenor voice.

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