Becky and Matt Throw a Tantrum (Shining Time Station/Barney and Friends crossovers)

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Becky and Matt Throw a Tantrum is a Shining Time Station Barney and Friends Crossover 31st episode.


  • Narrator: At the Target Store, Becky, Matt, Barney and Baby Bop go to find a Power Rangers toys. They're all excited.
  • Matt: Wow!!! I want that 1993 Mighty Morphin Megazord!
  • Baby Bop: Not Today.
  • Narrator: Asked Baby Bop.
  • Barney: You have many Power Rangers Toys at home.
  • Baby Bop: Barney, he has a lot of toys.
  • Narrator: She said.
  • Matt: (Sobs out a Tantrum) WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
  • Becky: (Sobs out a Tantrum too) WAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I WANT IT NOW!! NOW, NOW!!!!!
  • Barney and Baby Bop: (To Becky and Matt) CUT IT OUT!!!!!!!!
  • Narrator: Some people watches Becky and Matt and laughs at them when they're have a tantrum.
  • Matt: WAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!! I WANT THE MIGHTY MORPHIN MEGAZORD!!!!! (Bawling) 1993!!!!!!
  • Narrator: Becky and Matt continue to throw a tantrum. And after that, Barney and Baby Bop were very cross!
  • Becky: (Sobbing) Waaahahahahahaaahhhh!!
  • Barney: (Angrily) QUIET! Alright, Matt and Becky! You guys will be spanking and got grounded!
  • Narrator: Said Barney Crossly.
  • Becky and Matt: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!! Waaaaaaaaaahhhaahaha!!! NO!!!
  • Barney: We are going home right now!
  • Narrator: They left out of the Target Store, an angry Barney and Baby Bop were driving on a road to highway. Becky sobs, Matt is upset in their car.
  • Becky: WAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Baby Bop: Stop Crying Becky!
  • Becky: (Bawling) Barney, Can we get back when I get a Barbie doll?
  • Barney: NO!!! You're are so grounded when we get home!
  • Matt: (Bawling) Baby Bop, Can we get back to the Target Store to get 1993 Mighty Morphin Megazord.
  • Barney and Baby Bop: NO!
  • Barney: This is a bad moments for you Matt Go To Your Room Now!
  • Matt: Okay Becky and I want to know i throw a tantrum
  • Barney: I Don't Care I SAID GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW!
  • Narrator: Matt was in his room and Becky still crying and sobbing in her room. They're learn a lesson now. Stacy Jones come over to comfort Becky.
  • Becky: (Continue Weeping) All I want, I tried to buy a Barbie doll, But Matt and I misbehaved and throws a tantrum at the Target Store and Barney and Baby Bop got very mad at us and we're punished.
  • Stacy Jones: Becky, Don't cry. I'll stop Barney and Baby Bop anger, Okay. (She consoled her)
  • Narrator: Stacy walked down stairs very angry at Barney & Baby Bop.
  • Stacy Jones: You done it this time that you had punished Matt & Becky you two are the ones grounded!!!!
  • Barney & Baby Bop: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
  • Narrator: Meanwhile Matt & Becky escaped from their room & bought the Barbie & the Megazord & they are very happy.

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