Before I Self Destruct is scheduled to be the fourth studio album by rapper 50 Cent. It is expected to be 50 Cent's final solo release in his current contract with Interscope Records, excluding a possible "greatest hits" album.[1] The album was set to be released in March 2008[2]


Initially, Before I Self Destruct was planned to be 50 Cent's 2007 album,[3] however, he decided to release Curtis instead, and thus Before I Self Destruct's release date was pushed back to 2008.

The album's release date was initially announced to be February 4 2008, but later moved to March 2008, due to the release date of Curtis being pushed back to September 2007.[2]



50 Cent told MTV that he named the album "Before I Self Destruct" because "it could potentially happen." He also stated that Rich Harrison will be producing for the album.[4]

In an interview with DJ Semtex, 50 Cent discussed working on Curtis and Before I Self Destruct, saying,

Some people think I changed the title of my album from "Before I Self Destruct" to "Curtis", but what I did was, I changed albums. I had Before I Self Destruct, I recorded twelve songs under that actual topic, and then I created the material that is under Curtis, and I felt like this album should come out right now and Before I Self Destruct is gonna be my follow-up record, so I'm probably like three or four records away from completing my next album at this point. And I signed a five-album deal with Interscope, so this Curtis is my third album, Before I Self Destruct is scheduled to release February 4th, which will be the anniversary of Get Rich or Die Tryin' and my final studio recording album because the fifth album in my recording contract is a greatest hits album, so technically, I'm about three songs away from completing my music career.[3]

50 Cent described the album as "darker" and more "aggressive" than his previous album and stated, "hands down, [it] will be the best record of that time period".[5]

Production and guests

In contrast to Curtis, 50 Cent explained that you "should not expect to see guest appearances like you saw on Curtis".[6] He also described Before I Self Destruct as an entirely different concept, which will setup "the next batch of records" in his career.[6]

In an interview with, 50 Cent confirmed that he has completed twelve songs for the album.[7]

After 50 Cent's collaboration with Akon on "I'll Still Kill", which appeared on Curtis, Akon stated that 50 Cent and himself would be working on each other's upcoming albums due to the successful experience they developed while working on Curtis.[8] Akon spoke on upcoming collaborations between the two stating,

Shortly after the song was completed, we met face to face, gave each other a pound, gave each other a hug, like, ‘Nigga, we got a hit.’ Now we’re gonna do more records for both our upcoming albums. We’ll swap out. Whoever’s album it feel right on, that’s where we gonna put it.[8]

In an interview with MTV, Timbaland stated that he has worked with 50 Cent. He said:

I did some more records for him. I know he's gonna use them, but I don't know for which album — this one [Curtis] or the next one [Before I Self Destruct].[9]

In an interview with MTV, 50 Cent was asked about the album and said that the Kanye West produced track will not make the final cut of the album.[5]

Swizz Beatz will provide production for Before I Self Destruct after not having any tracks make the final cut of Curtis.[10]

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