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FamilyGuyRoclz's music video from Total Drama World Tour.

That Song From Welcome To Bendville Episode called Scary Tour


  • Buttercup: "We're singing as we're falling"
  • A.J: "But The Airplane Crash!"
  • Francine Smith: "Well, some are cannonballing"
  • Dory: "Yeah!"
  • Aladdin: "Our lives begin to flash before our eyes"
  • Ernie and Bernie: "We might just go ka-blooey"
  • Dexter and Mandark: "Get smushed and become chewy"
  • Chorus from The Great Mouse Detective in the song of The World's Greatest Criminal Mind: "'Cept there's tons we wanna do before we die!"
  • Chester: "HIT IT!"
  • Blossom: "Millionares!"
  • Bart Simpson: "Millard's champion!"
  • Ed: "Make it home to see my mama!"
  • Meg Griffin: "Marry Cody!"
  • Ariel: "Catch a barrel!"
  • Pocahontas: "Be an actress in a drama!"
  • Lois Griffin: "Cooperate loyaler!"
  • Olivia: "Prom destroyer!"
  • Edd (Double D): "Be a ninja with throwing stars!"
  • Linus: "Lion tamer!"
  • Donkey: "Say What?!?"
  • Spongebob: "New food namer!"
  • Bernard: "Repairman for the parallel bars!"
  • Peter Pan: "But first we must cease dropping, our goal would be stoping"
  • Hayley Smith: "Before we smash into the ground from the sky"
  • Patrick: "Flat into little pieces"
  • Homer Simpson: "Heads merged with our feet-ses"
  • Mary Test: "That would really suck and here's why"
  • Bubbles: "We like to keep on living"
  • Glenn Quagmire: "So, Chris, we hope you're giving..."
  • Alice: "Some wings!'
  • Jasmine: "A jet-pack!"
  • Fiona: "A rift in time!"
  • Ducky: "Parachute?"
  • Morty. : "Water bed."
  • Courage: "A trampoline!"
  • Marge Simpson: "Springy shoes!"
  • Brian Grffin: "Rocket boots!"
  • Lisa Simpson: "Flying squirrel!"
  • Dee Dee: "Bubble bath!"
  • Marina: "I changed to bubbles too!"
  • Shaggy: "My dog!"
  • Ash Ketchum: "A new Pokeball!"
  • Stan Smith: " Maybe An Portal To The Another Dimension will doooooooooo!!!!"
  • Chorus from The Powerpuff Girls: Mime For a Change: "'Cause there's still so much to do before we die"
  • Chorus from Aladdin in the song "Friend Like Me": "There's still so much to do"
  • Chorus from Peter Pan in the song of "Follow the Leader": "There's still so much to do"
  • Chorus from Madagascar in the song of "I Like to Move it, Movie it": "There's still so much to do before we die!"
  • Todd: Ah This Is The life
  • Lil' Red: Uh Guys Look
  • Edd: Quick Out Of The Pool NOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!
  • NiGHTS: What Are They Falling For

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