Begonian Flag

Begonia is the most northwestern country of the southern continent of the Nation Song Contest. The capital is called Kargana.

It belongs to the five debutants in the fifth version of the NSC.

Begonia at NSC and NSC-spinoffs

NSC5 result

Results of NSC 5


Begonia at NSC


Another logo

NSC 1 - NSC 4

No participation


Begonia will debut at the 5th version of the NSC in Hibernia's capital Clonalagh. The first entry was chosen internally by a jury. And they decided that it's time for the moldovan band Zdob si Zdub with their song ,,Miorita´´ to represent the debutant: Click. They have reached the 10th place with 60 points from Astoria, Xorientia, Spila, Ugaly, Alinta, R.L.D., Belvist, Noizeland, Phinechendza and Andromeda, you can read the exact result on the right.

That's how Begonia voted:

Points Nation Artist Song
12 Bokia Lana & Luka Prava ljubav
10 Gabriel Kelly Clarkson Breakaway
08 Hibernia Holly Valance Kiss Kiss
07 Giggshood Lambretta Bimbo
06 Alinta Lamya Empires
05 Arjastan Savage Garden Two Beds And A Coffee Machine
04 Phinechendza Shaft Mambo Italiano
03 Adamsburg Martin Stenmarck 7milakliv
02 Romeria Bijelo Dugme Lipe Cvatu
01 Noizeland Sia Breathe Me

Exact voting results:

  • 12 Bokia 2'877'343
  • 10 Gabriel 1'333'865
  • 08 Hibernia 1'289'063
  • 07 Giggshood 870'365
  • 06 Alinta 657'773
  • 05 Arjastan 644'548
  • 04 Phinechendza 488'602
  • 03 Adamsburg 441'775
  • 02 Romeria 419'877
  • 01 Noizeland 399'176
  • Belvist 355'655
  • Xorientia 338'552
  • Andromeda 312'777
  • Reym-L-Dneurb 310'774
  • Machha-Bently 303'055
  • Medina 285'473
  • Tomstria 218'536
  • Escotia 217'779
  • Brugia 201'563
  • Ugaly 134'666
  • Saksjaowie 118'465
  • Astoria 93'664
  • Spila 67'873


According to the 10th place in NSC 5 Begonia won't have to compete in semifinal of NSC 6.

Begonia is planning a national final with a very easy modus: Every 12 provinces sends a song to the national broadcaster BTV 1 so that 12 songs are competing. The national final will be called Begopesma 6 (Begopesma 7 for NSC 7 and so on....). It will probably take place at 28th May.

And the best 4 songs had the same plenty of votes that there's no really winner!:

  • Preslava - Finalni Dumi (876'336)
  • Christina Stürmer - Vorbei (876'336)
  • Saša Lendero - Ne grem na kolena (876'336)
  • Ivana Banfić - Lav u srcu (876'336)

There fore there will be a national final in the esctoday-forums:

Result of the voting in the esc-today forums:

  • 4 Preslava - Finalni Dumi (= 5 points)
  • 3 Saša Lendero - Ne grem na kolena (= 3 points)
  • 3 Christina Stürmer - Vorbei (= 3 points)
  • 2 Ivana Banfić - Lav u srcu (= 1 point)

Result of the televoting:

  • 448'664 Saša Lendero - Ne grem na kolena (= 5 points)
  • 415'654 Preslava - Finalni Dumi (= 3 points)
  • 377'555 Christina Stürmer - Vorbei (= 2 points)
  • 167'808 Ivana Banfić - Lav u srcu (= 1 point)

Jury's votes:

  • 5 Christina Stürmer - Vorbei (= 5 points)
  • 3 Saša Lendero - Ne grem na kolena (= 3 points)

    Saša Lendero for Begonia

  • 2 Preslava - Finalni Dumi (= 2 points)
  • 1 Ivana Banfić - Lav u srcu (= 1 point)


Final result:

  • 11 Saša Lendero - Ne grem na kolena
  • 10 Preslava - Finalni Dumi
  • 10 Christina Stürmer - Vorbei
  • 3 Ivana Banfić - Lav u srcu

-> Saša Lendero will represent Begonia with 'Ne grem na kolena' at NSC 6! You can listen to the song here.

Saša's tour

Saša Lendero decided to take a tour through the NSC world to promote the Begonian song vor NSC VI in Bokitown. She has started her tour today and the first country she's going to visit is Cicvara. The tour will end at Friday in Bokia, where she will give a little concert before her performance at the NSC final.


Saša's tour's guide (updated)

Her schedule:

  • Friday (1.6.): Cicvara & Rotterdamus
  • Saturday: Belvist & Altharia
  • Sunday: U.S. of Carmen & Lolee
  • Monday: Yaponesia & Lost Isle & Hibernia
  • Tuesday: Xorientia & Adamsburg
  • Wednesday: Instir & Romeria
  • Thursday: The tour must be cancelled due to the new date of the final which is Thursday. Saša Lendero will go on from Romeria's capital straight to Bokia.


Saša Lendero recieved the satisfying ninth place with 105 points. Therefore she was honoured by the Begonian president Alf Poier. Particularly Begonia was in the top of the scoreboard and one time even the first. But - as in NSC 5 - Begonia crashed down a bit.

Nevertheless the folks is happy and Begonia won't see the semifinal in NSC 7 again (actively seen).

And special thanks to....

12 points:

  • Escotia Escotia
  • Noizeland Noizeland
  • Gabriel Gabriel

10 points:

  • Roterdammus Rotterdamus

08 points:

  • Yaponesia Yaponesia

07 points:

  • Instir Instir
  • Xorientia Xorientia

05 points:

  • Lolee Lolee
  • Saksjaowie Saksjaowie

04 points:

  • Brugia Brugia
  • Ugaly Ugaly
  • Belvist Belvist

03 points:

  • Lost Isle Lost Isle
  • Astoria Astoria
  • Sunland Sunland

02 points:

  • Adamsburg Adamsburg
  • Bokia Bokia

01 point:

  • Reym-L-Dneurb Reym-L-Dneurb
  • Phinechendza Phinechendza

Begonia votes (Semifinal)
9th place

Results of NSC 6


NSC 6 - The logo


Voting analysis (final)

Points Nation Artist Song
12 Mountbatten Island Mountbatten Island Helena Paparizou Mambo
10 Instir Instir NOX Szeretem
08 Brugia Brugia Laïs t'Smidje
07 Cicvara Cicvara Enrique Iglesias Do you know?
06 Belvist Belvist Valentino Miriše mi na tebe
05 Lost Isle Lost Isle Terence Twee vaders
04 Lolee Lolee Velvet Fix me
03 Giggshood Giggshood Bosson One in a million
02 Maccha-Bently Maccha-Bently Dhoom 2 Dhoom again
01 Noizeland Noizeland Moby & Mylène Farmer Slipping Away (Crier La Vie)

Begonia votes (final)
Points Nation Artist Song
12 Instir Instir NOX Szeretem
10 Mountbatten Island Mountbatten Island Helena Paparizou Mambo
08 Brugia Brugia Laïs t'Smidje
07 Reym-L-Dneurb Reym-L-Dneurb Rising girl Rising girl
06 Adamsburg Adamsburg Hammerfall Hearts on fire
05 Phinechendza Phinechendza Ricky Martin Livin la vida loca
04 Bokia Bokia Toše Proeski Cija si
03 Lolee Lolee Velvet Fix me
02 Giggshood Giggshood Bosson One in a million
01 Roterdammus Rotterdamus Marco Borsato Rood


Due to Saša Lendero's 9th place in Bokitown (Bokia) Begonia won't have to compete in the semifinal (again).

Wednesday evening a national final to decide the Begonian entrant for NSC 7 has been started (Link), the competing songs are:

  • Desperado - Táncolj
  • Mando Diao - Down in the past
  • Metallica - Nothing else matters
  • Alyona Ivancova - Yezgir indz hamar
  • Billy Talent - Red Flag

The results are:

  • 7 Metallica - Nothing else matters
  • 5 Billy Talent - Red flag
  • 3 Mando Diao - Down in the past
  • 3 Desperado - Táncolj
  • 0 Alyona Ivancova - Yezgir indz hamar

Combined with the televotings Metallica is the winner with 130 points and their song 'Nothing else matters' you can listen to here. They are going to do a promo tour which guide you can see on your left.


Promo tour (NSC VII)


  • Wednesday: Belvist, Hibernia, Lost Isle
  • Thursday: Xorientia, Adamsburg, Instir
  • Friday: Medina, Romeria, Andromeda
  • Saturday: Reym-L-Dneurb, Bokia, Mountbatten Island
  • Sunday: Ugaly, Astoria, Maccha-Brugia
  • Monday: Venera, Saksjaowie, Giggshood
  • Tuesday: A little concert in Spila, after that Metallica will stay in a suburb of Carine City before their big performance in the NSC final



  • NSC 1 - NSC 4: No participation
  • NSC 5: Zdob si Zdub - Miorita (10th place with 60 points)
  • NSC 6: Saša Lendero - Ne grem na kolena (9th place with 105 points / FINAL)
  • NSC 7: Metallica - Nothing else matters (xx points with yy points / FINAL)

Points awarded

  • 22 points: Instir, Mountbatten Island
  • 16 points: Bokia, Maccha-Brugia
  • 12 points: Giggshood
  • 10 points: Gabriel
  • 09 points: Phinechendza, Adamsburg
  • 08 points: Hibernia
  • 07 points: Reym-L-Dneurb, Lolee, Cicvara
  • 06 points: Alinta, Belvist
  • 05 points: Arjastan, Lost Isle
  • 02 points: Romeria, Noizeland, Maccha-Bently
  • 01 point: Rotterdamus


= 116 points (final) = 58 points (semifinal)

Points recieved

  • 17 points: Xorientia
  • 15 points: Noizeland
  • 13 points: Astoria
  • 12 points: Gabriel, Escotia, Ugaly
  • 10 points: Rotterdamus
  • 08 points: Spila, Reym-L-Dneurb, Yaponesia, Belvist
  • 07 points: Alinta, Instir
  • 05 points: Lolee, Saksjaowie
  • 04 points: Maccha-Brugia
  • 03 points: Lost Isle, Phinechendza, Sunland
  • 02 points: Adamsburg, Bokia
  • 01 point: Andromeda


= 165 points



Results of NSC ESC 1

The first edition of a kind of NSC with only songs from the ESC was held at 18th Juny in Spila. Begonia tried their luck with the spanish representative of 2003: Beth - Dime (YT-Link).

She's ended up as 9th with juries just as Saša Lendero did it at the sixth edition of NSC. You can see the exact results on the right site.


Begonian entrant:

  • Anjeza Shahini - Image of you (Albania 2004)
  • YT Link



Situation before 1908

Foundation in 1908

Begonia was pieced together on 23th March 1908 from three small states called Meškavo, Mostria and Begonian-Belvistian federation. Each of these three states has a black star in the contemperary begonian flag.

The CBP's dictatorship

11 years after the foundation of the begonian state, the so-called CBP, Communistic Begonian Party came to absolute government power. The main reasons were the general dissatisfaction of the begonian population and the weak presidents in the past, who only could make clear laws in patches. 1916 1,7% of the begonian population voted for the CBP, but two years later it was about 68% and 1919 83,4%. The CBP's aims were the disipation of andromedian, bokian and belvistian emmigrants and the conquest of new regions in the south-east and east. The CBP used hardest brutality to reach their aims. The soldiers were educated very strictly and religiously. It was a dark aeon in the begonian history at all. The claims of the population were scarily low and the economy depended on the result of the imminent war, which passed off completely against the CBP's plans and aims. The so-called Miembrian War (1928–1933) forced the death of 2700000 humans:


Situation after 1933

  • 800000 belvistian emmigrants
  • 750000 bokian emmigrants
  • about 700000 begonian soldiers
  • 300000 andromedian emmigrants
  • and other people, mainly voluntary soldiers

Begonia's degradation

After that the country's economy and justice were completely on the bottom. There fore it was very easy for the Meškavarians, Kalaskums and Palađurians, to break away from Begonia and found their own state, which was called Infereda-labskanji svežanj (1934). The other provinces founded the BNU (Begonski narodni udruga). Then the economy of both countries boomed and the population was more satisfied than ever.

The new begonian foundation

But a certain dependence between the Infereda-labskanji svežanj and the BNU occurred because of row material. Then both countries saw no plausible reason to go on as independent countries and therefore the Infereda-labskanji svežanj and the BNU affiliated to Begonia (23.3.1974). And that's why the 23rd March is the begonian national day. But long-dated seen, the economy moved against bottom again.

A new capital

Till 1961 Fođoladi was the begonian capital, which is still today the capital of the province Mostria. After that Kargana, which has more inhabitants than Fođoladi by far, was voted to the new begonian capital. Then riots and uproars ocurred in Mostria and the police had to interfere very brutally and 723 humans died at this day.

Better times are breaking on

In the following years Begonia was overshadowed by riots, uproars and terroristic attempts by mysterious humans from un-populated countries again and again. The living standard had been very low, til Alf Poier plucked up courage:

Begonia in NSC!!!!

Begonia as it is today

Being 28 years old he observed the ,,events’’ in Begonia as a rich salesman living in Bokia and decided to improve the Begonian economy with his party, the APP (Alf Poier Party) and to let better times break on in Begonia. He was admitted very ceremoniously of course and it was very easy for him to get the power in the government. And actually he kept his promise, in Begonia a new aeon of modernization brake on. Before Alf Poiers takeover on 6th June 1993 almost nobody had internet or a TV, even the half country had no drinking water. The wages boomed and the conjuncture oozed self-confidence: Begonia booms.

Unfortunately Alf Poier didn’t want to see Begonia competing in NSC, because he thought, that NSC is a competition with much cheating, where every neighbour countries would give 12 points each other. But Begonian NSC fans told him that he is completely wrong and changed his opinion and so we will see Begonia for the first time at NSC.

About Begonia


Map of Begonia

  • Population: 13350000
  • Acreage: 95300 km2
  • P./A.: 13350000/95300 = 140 inhabitans/km2
  • Capital: Kargana (2,2 mio. inhabitants)
  • Languages: Begonian, Belvistian
  • BSP/inhabitant: 17300 $
  • Valuta: 1 Bego = 100 Cents

Countries' structure

  • Population: 12,8 Mio. Begonians, 300000 belvists, 100000 bokians, 80000 andromedians, 20000 noizelanders, 50000 others
  • Poverty level (2005): 3,2%
  • Life expentancy: 75,3 years (men), 78,7 years (women)
  • Infant mortality: 0,2%
  • Child mortality: 0,3%
  • Yearly population growth (1980-2007): 1,9%
  • Illiteracity: 0,8%
  • Religion: 97% catholics, 2% orthodox, 1% others
  • Urban population: 52%


  • Nova Ruda: 800000 inhabitants, capital: Borgata Rekati (inh.: 230000)
  • Pelania: 600000 inh., cap.: Pelanskograd (180000)
  • Mostria: 1700000 inh., cap.: Fođoladi (730000)
  • Djania: 500000 inh., cap.: Pogborili (210000)
  • I.D.C. of Kargana: 2200000 inh. (2200000)
  • Meškavo: 1100000 inh., cap.: Meškavskograd (280000)
  • Begonia Superior: 450000 inh., cap.: Razvi (105000)
  • Begonia Inferior: 600000 inh., cap.: Tókodi (80000)
  • Dakia: 800000 inh., cap.: Lembékles (185000)
  • Kalaskum: 900000 inh., cap.: Krátanai (275000)
  • Vestria: 2300000 inh., cap.: Fonšeski (630000)
  • Palađura: 1400000 inh., cap.: Ijaždama (350000)


  • Rijeka Begonska (1075km)
  • Klavašta (822km)
  • Prizmenal (738km)
  • Njérgošti (603km)


  • Monte Kantar (3376m)
  • Beredskin (2783m)
  • Pílakat (2578m)
  • Bardmádi (2359m)
  • Areskata (2167m)


  • Begonian + Begonian dialects (92%)
  • Belvistian (5%)
  • Bokian (1,5%)
  • Andromedian (0,6%)
  • others (0,9%)


In Januar

Average tempertaures:

  • Borgata Rekati: 4,5°C
  • Kargana: 5,4°C
  • Meškavskograd: -3,1°C
  • Ijaždama: 7,8°C

In July

Average temperatures:

  • Borgata Rekati: 21,2°C
  • Kargana: 22,6°C
  • Meškavskograd: 20,7°C
  • Ijaždama: 26,1°C


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