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Behs or The Behs are a group which exist in the Medway area of Kent. As the members mainly consist of 18 - 20 year olds, common activities include driving, clubing and pubing.


The Behs were created in the summer of 2006 when the creator, Aaron McNaught, decided to give a name to his group of friends. The format of the group involved previously created nicknames for the members, such as Chief or Sperm, and combined them with Beh to create a new nickname. e.g Chiefy Beh. These nicknames were usually granted after an incident of sizable proportion such as an act whilst drunk or a continuing behavior. The Behs also have a distinct way of greating whilst on the phone. As the phone is answered, the instigator of the phone call proceeds to say "ees a beh" which is then, in turn, repeated by the reciever of the phone call.

Behs - Past and Present

"Note 1 - Mark Kenward is the only Beh without a Nickname as one has never been agree upon"

Aarron McNaught

"Paddy Beh" , resulting from his frequent trips to Ireland, is the creator of the Behs. Aaron drives a Toyota Corolla which will be most commonly found goign sideways around car parks. Aaron is notorious within the group for his finacial situation and bladder control after his drink was spiked with Horse Tranquilizer Ketamine.

  • Age: 18
  • Car: Toyota Corolla
  • Quote: "How about you go and get a spoon"

Andrew Shiner

"Chiefy Beh", the orignal nickname within the group originating from when "The Behs" was in its infancy. "Chief" was created by a previous members brother and simply stuck

Andrew Grayland

"Shotgun Beh",

Sherman Hodge

"Donkey Beh",

Mark Kenward

"Wasted beh",

Jay Shiner

"Geeky Beh",


Free Houses

Command House

Mango Joes



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