Kingdom of Beldrocks
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Official Language(s): Common
Common Race(s): Human, Gnome, Dwarf
Largest City:
Castle Beldrocks
Head of State: King Everam Koontz-Beldrocks XIX
Head of Military: Lord Michael Koontz
Area: 120,700mi²
Population: 20,600,000
Establishment: 28 of Iredeid, 2286ivA
Government Type: Patriarchal Monarchy
Exports: pottery, precious stones, metals
Imports: wool, fruit, grain, livestock, coal
National Flower: Zahashi's Tears
National Tree: Blue Oak
National Fruit: Lourae
National Mammal: Pariah squirrel
National Bird: Storm crow
Belding (1GP), Larthing (1SP), Shennie (1CP)
National Anthem: For if Glory's Forgot
Army Regulars:
Naval Regulars:

Beldrocks is a patriarchal monarchy whose reigns are dictated by the arrival of the Star of Dawns. The current king, Lord Everam Koontz-Beldrocks XIX, reigns from the Castle Beldrocks, located in the heart of the Kingdom.

National Overview

In terms of other nations, there is none as technologically-minded as Beldrocks. Inventors both by nature and necessity, the residents of the Kingdom have introduced their fair lands to the power of steam power. Utilizing the coal reserves of much of the world, the nation has seen the rise of hydraulic lift cars, forced plumbing, and other such technological marvels. There is even a limited form of electricity in many of Beldrocks's towns and cities, lighting major areas and bringing knowledge to the masses.

Although overtly militant, the Council of Minds has set down the regulation that no steam-powered device may be built for the purposes of warfare. The Beldrish believe that war is meant to be waged between people, not between monstrosities and people. Their standing army is among the finest,and their active service navy is the largest in Atrica. Almost all of their military might is comprised of males between the ages of 14 and 38, with females making up a staggering twenty to thirty percent of the force, unheard of in most other Atrician nations.

Not a magically inclined nation, Beldrocks is certainly one of the most ingenious. Their battle tactics, technology, and attitudes make them among the best, and most powerful, nations in the world.

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