Belemondo was the Human homeland on the world of Derear.

Founding And Early History

Belemondo was founded by the humans under King Tehrihas. They built the capital city Umoria.

The First Invasion

1000 years after the founding of Belemondo, the Orcs from the Ederian plains rallied under Warchief Hakazan and decended down into Belemondo. The Human forces reeled under the attack of the orcs and fell back to Umoria. After a long siege, the orcs finaly broke into the city but on the eve of triumph Hakazan was slain by a paladin. Without a leader the orc forces routed. A few orcs tried to claim leadership but the bulk of the orc force fled back the Ederian plains.

The Second Invasion

1000 years later, the orcs struck again under the warchief Thrahk. Learning from their prevous defeat, Thrahk surrounded himself with powerful and loyal bodyguards. This time the invasion sucseeded and the orcs took Umoria.

A New Belemondo

Upon victory, Thrahk ordered the constrution of a Demon Gate in the heart of the city. After it's completeion, Kol Thezar stepped out and clove the head off Thrahk. The orcs fled in terrorbut were all killed by Kol Thezar's demon army. The orcs outside Umoria fled back to the Ederian plains.

Kol Thezar warped the land to his own perverted design.

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