Basically the ultimate truth as a human being is that belief controls reality, even psychology has reached this point within their ‘self fulfilling prophecies’. Basically what I mean by this is that whatever belief you place onto your life and world structures your life and world in accordance with those beliefs Yet this also seems obviously not true, as, for example, millions of people desire sex every day, yet probably less than half that number consummate this wish on any given day. So in order to understand the full extent of what I mean when I say ‘belief controls reality’ I will take a brief digression into what is meant in this contents by those archetypes metaphysicians have called the ‘elements’ of existence, which are: Fire, Air, Earth, and Water.

Fire is pure unadulterated belief, at the same time as being meaning as well as action. Basically fire is the place within a conscious being where all of these three things are basically one thing. That at one moment, you believe that a certain thing is true, which allows that to mean something within your life, which springs you into a certain action. For example, if you believed that there was such a thing as objective justice, then you would strive to live in line with that objective justice, and this striving would invite meaning into your life. Thus your ‘fire’ invokes you to action upon your beliefs, thus causing your world to change because of those beliefs that you hold. Yet this is obviously not a complete story because holding only one belief lies only at the edges of human endeavor and only then in the complete Zen of the alpha state. This invites Air.

Obviously a given being has many beliefs and meanings which exist within his consciousness, each truth believed to a certain extent and acted upon with differing tenacities. The battle of each human being then, of course, is to convince himself that every meaning within has being has merit in relation to every other meaning. To make an amalgam or road map which contains every held meaning is the endeavor of the mind. Basically this is the danger of philosophy, as the only place truth exists is within belief, not logic. Logics only purpose is to connect disconnect and restructure the paths and complexities between held beliefs. Philosophy is merely the art of using the tool of logic to realign perspective, not to find truth, which belongs to fire alone.

Still there is the rather gargantuan issue of the given matrix we reside in.

no matter how much you believe that your fist is stronger than steel, there is little chance that you are going to punch any holes in steel during this lifetime (this is up to argument still, because it is also an issue how difficult it would be to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that your fist was stronger than steel) There is a terribly hard matrix that lies before each of our consciousness’ that we in our day and age call ‘reality’. The metaphysician calls this perspective ‘Earth’ or as I fondly call it ‘Our Shared Illusion’. While it IS very sturdy, because so many believe it, it is not unbreakable. Flight was a physical impossibility, until someone believed that it was possible. Even human flight is possible in our future through genetic enhancement. Reaching the moon was at some point impossible. If your belief is strong enough in the other three areas of belief, you can push through the strongest of belief, which is our shared illusion, but only then, as it is nigh impenetrable. Not only because it is in front of us, but also its reaction is within us.

The final piece of belief lies underneath our belief; that which causes us to have the beliefs we choose. “My mother has always told me”, “I’ve always been afraid that” “Society seems to show”, existence, just by sheer being, is constantly effecting us, trapping us between that which we fear, and that which we desire. We are pinned within this grand matrix by our culture, our psychology, our history, our background. We are pinned and frozen by everything that has made us what we are today. These things that pin us to our place are called ‘emotions’, they are the subjective effect of the last three modes of belief on our own being. Why do we choose not to actualize our belief and manifest our dreams? I is because we are afraid, because we are tired, because we are slothful, all of those things which cause us to slow and stop, to make us our own selves.

So in complete essence, belief is fourfold. In order for belief to manifest truly, it must pass through all four perspectives of belief, until it becomes a ‘true’ belief. Furthermore there is no hierarchy (unless of course you believe there is one) each exists together in harmony in varying degrees in each and every situation of human endeavor. Each can be changed by its own rules, as well as by the changes of the different structures of belief. Ultimately, as everything, they are all the same and there is only nothing at its core.

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