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The Beliskner is the Elves' greatest legacy on Borendil. It is a war fortress capable of flight and equipped with the Elves' best magic weapons.

Creation and Sealing

Beliskner was constructed using a combination of Elven magic and Aesir technology, though more of the former. It was intended to be a battlestation that could be used against the demons of the Netherworld, notably the legions of Murazor and the Twilight Alliance. The Aesir helped the Elves construct it in order to help the Elves defend themselves against the dark legions who sought to eradicate the Elves because of their potent affinity for magic. The Aesir saw this quality as something that could help them in their war against Asmodeus.

Construction began on Beliskner in 138 BO and completed only two years later with the help of Aesir construction technology. Unfortunately, the Great Plague occured in 130 BO before the Elves could use Beliskner. After the Elves were wiped out, the Aesir sealed it in a great lake on one of the Southern Isles, and recruited a few Noxxians to guard it until it is needed.

Use in the Demon Wars

Agents from the Order of Lost Histories, with the help of the journals of Toma Morsalis, eventually located Beliskner along with the tools needed to use it (see below) by locating several Elven/Aesir hatches across the Island Nations Federation.

The fortress, along with the Marndosian Dragon Knights, assaulted Murazor's Black Citadel near the end of the Demon Wars. The assault was a success and Murazor was banished back to the Netherworld, this time permanently.

Usage of the Fortress

The fortress runs on an Aesir neutrino ion engine, powered by Elven magic relics.

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