Belle's Adventures of the Three Female Muskeeters Engines is a parody.


  • Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) as Winnie the Pooh
  • and more



  • Daisy: Hey there! Hi there! Ho there! You both were welcome as can be. HA! HA! HA! [Takes Rosie and Belle to the dungeon]
  • Daisy: Oppsie!
  • Rosie: Ow!
  • Belle: That's hurt!
  • Daisy: I'am just a butter fingures.
  • Rosie: Hay hey hey! Put us down. Don't make me and Belle have you whoop ya! Right Belle?
  • Belle: Ya! So put us down!
  • Daisy: Okay okay fine. Just hold still you two runts!
  • Daisy: Well. It is the end of the line!
  • Rosie: Think so, our pals well be right behind us! Right Belle?
  • Belle: Right! Our pals well behind us in this dungeon!
  • Daisy: Okay I see. The truck dump you both. Remember?
  • Rosie: Well, Molly then!
  • Daisy: The yellow engine? She is getting ready for a heylow.
  • Belle: Well, what about mine and Rosie pals?!
  • Daisy: Your pals are ready to be kill!
  • Rosie and Belle: No, no, no!
  • Daisy: Yes yes yes! Face it Rosie and Belle! It's all for one and you both are on your own! Rnjory at this dungeon. You both know, the time was faster then horses! Now if you both will excause, I got to get the tickets to the operea a little something called, "I just can't wait to be Queen!"! Ha Ha Ha!
  • Rosie and Belle: [Crying]
  • and more

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