This was a thought experiment to generate a fictional world with real geography to allow mental experimentation with various political and economic problems. UPDATE I know there has been a lapse in time in which the Bellica Page has been used. Most of us are MIT students, as the fall semester started, it became hard to maintain. We contined to maintain and use the MUD but play became stagnant, because we could only use what was populated in the pages. As we have more tim US second and third generation Bellicans will continue to expand the world that a few consultants started. Thank you for all the e-mails! The Bellican Team- HATERS-- PLEASE LEAVE US ALONE. WE ARE A FEW LONLEY STUDENTS THAT ARE INTO ROLE PLAYING. YEAH WE ARE GEEKS, SO WHAT. WE ARE NOT HARMING YOU, BOTHERING YOU, OR DOING ANYTHING WRONG. IF YOU HATE WHAT WE DID, OR YOU WE THE GUY OR GIRL THAT STARTED THIS PAGE AND DON'T LIKE WHAT WE DID, LET US KNOW,OR CONTRIBUTE WITH US. WHO EVER YOU ARE THE PAGE IS RICH WITH HISTORY,CULTURE,MILITARY,SOME OF IT IS FUN AND FUNNY AND OTHER PARTS ARE VERY INDEPTH. WE ALL LOVE IT. I AM A COMPUTER SCIENCE GRADUATE STUDENT. I AM IN A WHEEL CHAIR, MY SPINE WAS SEVERED BY FRIENDLY FIRE IN IRAQ IN 2003, I M IN SCHOOL ON VA REHAB, I DONT GET OUT MUCH SO THIS IS REALLY FUN FOR ME, AND ALL I ASK IS FOR YOU TO LEAVE THIS SITE ALONE. PLEASE CONTRIBUTE AND HAVE FUN IF YOU DONT LIKE WHAT WE ARE DOING, IF YOU DONT WANT TO DO THAT JUST MOVE ON, PLEASE DONT VANDALIZE. THANKS




Bellica is a continent consisting of seven major countries as follows:

Geographically, the northwest is primarly temperate rainforest; the southwest is mostly desert; and the interior is highly mountainous. Rivers generally run east to west to the ocean, and there are a series of islands off the coast.

Map of Bellica


History is told from the year 999 when the Berzerka began. Prior to that, the interior was mostly a conglomeration of animist tribes, while the areas that are now Wonton, Orecal, and Parsini were civilized. The area that is now Tresidia was mostly tribal, and this led to the spread of the Ursidian religion throughout the interior of the continent. Tresidia consolidated from a series of smaller ethnically related tribes into a large central oligarchy.

During the 19th century through to the 20th century, the entire region was colonized at varying degrees by the militaristic state of Jakistan. This has continued to affect the borders of the region, and it continues to be a point of contention throughout much of the region.

Cultural makeup

There are several cultures spread throughout the continent, to include:

  • Tokamak Mountains region Ursideans

Religious makeup

There are four religions:

Probably the last surviving example of a Paleolithic bear cult. Followed by the Ni'Mushi distributed in the high mountain areas of the ill-defined Teton, North Teton and Alkali triborder.

  • Luddist

Regional Conflicts

Main Article Revod Crisis

The only conflict at this time is in the area of Revod. The area is a part of the majority Parsini Tresidia with which it shares an ethnic heritage, but is predominantly Ursidian. It has enjoyed roughly autonomous status since Tresidia transformed into a religious oligarchy, but with increasing strictness in the laws, there has been a growing separatist movement. Because the area is a source of much of Tresidia's water, and it abuts the major food producing region for the continent, it is a point of much concern for the entire continent.

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Ground based units Infantry from squad to section to company should use the heavy hitting 7d7 when full units are tactical and attacking. Depending on size 4d4 red and white vs the 3 side defense. Use the funk thatEMC2 created in the MUD and the Cat O 9 that Navy 7 7 in the MMM

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