• Ebenezer Scrooge and Jacob Marley belong to Charles Dickens
  • Horrid Henry belongs to CITV
  • Gerald McBoing-Boing belongs to Dr. Seuss and Teletoon
  • Yakko, Wakko, Dot, Hello Nurse, Robotboy, Mordecai and Rigby belong to Cartoon Network
  • Dora the Explorer and James Isaac Neutron belong to Viacom
  • Derpy, Dinky and Pinkie Pie belong to Hasbro and Lauren Faust
  • Little Miss Bossy, Mr. Strong, Mr. Cool, Mr. Worry, Mr. Greedy and Mr. Sneeze belong to Chorion and Roger Hargreaves
  • Rolie Polie Olie belongs to Nelvana and Disney Junior
  • Goby and Bubble Puppy belong to Treehouse and Nickelodeon
  • Tweety Bird belongs to Teletoon Retro
  • Tinkerbell, Piglet, Kessie, Muppaphone, Marvin Suggs, The Newsman and Perry the Platypus belong to Disney
  • Count Duckula belongs to ITV and Jimmy Hibbert
  • Cranky, Mighty Mac and Thomas belong to TVO
  • Grumpy Bear belongs to Maple
  • Frankenberry belongs to Loblaws
  • Blu belongs to Fox and Blue Sky Studios
  • That wastebasket belongs to me

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